Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"women diary writers"

i just checked the trackback and saw that someone found my blog by doing a search for "women diary writers."

hmm--something about that makes me feel very proud.


Anonymous said...

that's such a compliment. when people find my blog by searching, it is because they are looking for car information, the searches looking for something like "starting in 2nd gear." who knew? i'm actually thinking about posting an informational banner at the top of my page that actually describes how to start in second gear.
women diary writers is much more classy.

Jessie said...

erin, i'm glad that people who do searches for things like "starting in 2nd gear" find your blog...because it's probably very enlightening to them! ;)

btw, how do you start in 2nd gear?

swampgrrl said...

very cool, my dear!

Anonymous said...

i need to go check out erin's blog now...LOL

i would be proud, too, sweetcheeks.

p.s. a big juicy email should be sitting in your inbox when you get a chance.

melba said...


liz elayne said...

now that is a beautiful compliment via google.