Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Time was soft there...

Today was my first day at the neighborhood garden shop. You'd think I'd have something interesting to say...and maybe I would but, boy...I'm tired and my brain is sleepy.

I'll tell you though, the best thing about this job is walking to work. And the best part about that is reading while I walk. I love reading and walking. It is, what I would consider, one of life's simple pleasures. Today I started Time Was Soft There, by Jeremy Mercer. Although I haven't gotten very far, it is so far so good. I picked it up several times at the bookstore while checking inventory and finally bought it because the description of the book on the back made me think of my own life, both past and present. Sometimes books nag at me until I just go ahead and read them. This was one of them. I looked at the title and tried to think of the periods in my life when time was soft. Over and over I did this...but whenever I watched the mental map of my life unfold, it led right to where I am. So, although I miss those times, I'm thankful to have lived them in the first place.

I'm also thankful that I can walk to work, with barely the need to look up from my book. I was totally calm about my first day until about an hour before I had to leave. Then I got nervous. Walking and reading calmed me down considerably. I worked outside most of the day and watched finches hop along the garden pots looking for seed. I watched the most incredible sunset ever. I had a few very interesting conversations with my new boss (it was just the two of us--we did the same trek in the Himalayas of Nepal! and reminisced about our favorite villages). I laughed a lot and was quiet a lot (both felt nice). I strung up christmas lights. I bonked my head on a bird feeder (hard!). I swept. I sat. I watched the clock. I met some more of the neighborhood. I thought about when time was soft. I decided that today falls into that category.

And then I walked home in the warmest, softest November night I can ever remember.


Anonymous said...

have i told you how much i adore you?!

Kristine said...

Sounds like an incredible day!

gkgirl said...

reading your blog
is often like
a long relaxing
for me...
your words are so warm
and comforting and cozy.

deirdre said...

It sounds like a perfect day. I haven't walked and read since I was a kid. I'm not always terribly co-ordinated or graceful - it could be a disaster.

Anonymous said...

you and i are living the same life, i swear to god. except for the reading and walking part - i have walked into doors one time too many, thank you.

oh, jessie. i echo ruby here - i adore you.

but, could you tell me about india/nepal? i want. to. go. so. badly....

Loralee Choate said...

Woa, wait...You picked up a second job again? Or are you not working at the bookstore anymore. Drat. I'm going to have to go back over your posts beacause I obviously missed something.

Jessie said...

loralee...sorry, my life is so familiar to me, sometimes i forget that it's not to everyone. so here's my story:
i'm still working at the bookstore and loving it.
i QUIT the flower shop job...and am glad that i did (but you already knew that).

THEN a neighborhood garden shop called and asked if i'd be willing to help out for the next couple months. it's walking distance from my house and is a lovely little place. i'm only working there part time.

so, the answer to your question is yes...i got a second 2nd job. :)- only because i didn't want to pass up the opportunity to work so close to home and because i'm a GLUTTON for PUNISHMENT.

kj said...

jessie, this is an awesome piece of writing. it gets stronger and stronger.

like ruby and bee, i adore you too.


Endment said...

Another delightful day in the life of Jessie!
You entice me to get out and walk some more :)
I also have to check out "Time Was Soft There"
Great Post

paris parfait said...

Delicious post, Jessie - warm and cozy. I can't even imagine walking and reading anymore, but maybe because I live in a city and would get (a) strange looks and (b) knocked over.