Friday, March 27, 2009

just cuz...

Fuck it. I've decided to take a few hours off from paintings and work-related endeavors to fill my senses with inspiration. I find myself in need of some serious re-fueling. I wore myself inside out in preparation for this last show and, in the process, have landed myself in a pretty deep funk. Funks are to be expected after coming to the end of a major endeavor, but my wiser self has let me know all too clearly that, this time, I took it just a little too far.

Through Etsy I have recently made some incredibly wonderful new connections. One of them, Rebekah, is in the process of opening up a hand-made retail boutique here in Minneapolis. I love her willingness to allow her creative dreams to "ride shotgun instead of in the trunk."

Then there's C., the woman who recently commissioned me to create the words: "A beautiful ripple effect." As if those words aren't beautiful turns out that she is a living example of them. This year she is celebrating the 10th anniversary of CCC, a non-profit organization for young adult cancer survivors that she started when she was 14 years old! She reminds me that we are capable of anything we set our hearts to.

I've been feeling so wrapped up in paint brushes and to-do lists I think I sort of forgot that I exist in a world that stretches beyond my immidiate vision. Then I met Pey. Pey is as cool as her name sounds. Not to mention, her thought process is invigorating. She has two Etsys: Folk Art Vision and Peylu. We've been "convo-ing" back and forth with each other on Etsy the past couple weeks and, I swear, she's directly responsible for helping to get inspiration flowing in my veins once again.

Today I received a piece made by Pey and I can't wait to tack it up on my studio wall. Did I mention that I am in the process of revamping my office and am turning it into a fully functioning studio? Yes, it's time to leave the basement--for real this time. Pey's beautiful little creation will remind me to listen to my intuition a little bit better from now on. Our heart always knows what's best for us--always.

Anyway, I like the way Pey sees the world and I like the way she thinks. I made an excuse not to do something fun because of my long to-do list and, after telling her about it, she responeded with this:

"I have stuff from my last week's to do list still, I just carry over everyday...... that list isn't getting shorter....

Have to tell you this, I met a 9 year old rottie as Ted and I were coming back from the Park this morning, he was in really rough shape physically, the young girl, A., just rescued him 6 months ago and has already spent about 4 grand on vet bills. We sat and talked at the bottom of my front porch steps with Zen the dog. He was in a lot of pain. I got him some raw chicken necks, frozen liver and a slew of holistic remedies........ I also fed him an egg, was giving Ted one so had to be fair, showed A. how to give him pills with peanut butter. Zen gobbled down everything nicely including the pills and the homemade cookies. I hope his stomach can tolerate all the new food. A. is a dance teacher and hardly makes any money but she went ahead and adopted this old dog, how courageous. I wish I had my old design job or selling like crazy on Etsy so I can write her a huge check to help out.
I was really sad watching Zen limping away, of course, after all the treats, he didn't want to go..... so the moral of the story is, have fun when you can so we can balance out the not so fun moments in life." P.

This little note is what inspired me to say fuck it and take a lil' break tonight. A break is what I need. Writing this here, even if it is gibberish, is what I need. The past 2 months of my life have worn me inside out. Lately, I find myself asking the question: "If I could run away and do anything I want, what would I do?"

My answers go something like this:
  • I'd sit down somewhere, drink tea, and read.
  • I'd go to India to paint dogs, people, and random objects (and drink tea and read books).
  • I'd hop in the car and head for the great wide open and mountains of Montana.
  • I'd do what I do, but with more fun thrown in the middle.
  • I'd finish this studio and paint still-lives of tennis balls.
  • I'd go swimming.
  • I'd hang out with horses.
  • I'd join a band (not really, I just want to play an electric guitar like a rockstar).
  • I'd make random art in random places.
  • I'd go out to eat and enjoy something I've never tried before.
  • I'd play with my camera until I learned how to use it.
  • I'd hop on a freight train.
  • I'd go visit my friends in far-away places.

And so the next question is: "What can I do to make any one of those things happen?" The best part is that, given even just small amounts of action, none of it is as impossible as it seems. Long to-do list, or not.

Anyway, it was good sitting down to write. Dear blog, thanks for still being here. It feels good to have inspiring friends--new and old.

Be brave, be real, be nice to yourself.
lots of love,


Feature Interview with Mod-Dog: Modern Art for Modern Pets!

Interview announcements...better late than never, right? Whew!

I'm proud to announce that I was recently interviewed by Mod-Dog: Modern Art for Modern Pets. I can't sing enough praise for both Mod-Dog's beautiful work and incredible site! Mod-Dog is a go-to source for all things modern and wonderful. Please do check it out! Give your dog a bone, pour yourself a cup of tea, and snuggle in to read my interview on Mod-Dog's blog here.

Happy reading!

I promise to come back and write a nice juicy post one of these days soon. Really, I promise!


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dogs of Linden Hill's--Opening night! :: A celebration in images and song

These past many weeks have held so much more than I could ever possibly capture in words. I've just finished creating my very first imovie--a celebration in images! The opening was over a week ago and I have not yet found the space of mind to sit down and write about it. It was a journey-and-a-half, to say the least. And now...well, now it is time to just plain celebrate.

The photos in this video were taken by the incredible Sarah of Sarah Beth Photography and my husband, Vinny. There are more words and pictures still to come--but, at the moment, it is nearly 4 am and time for this lil' chica to go to bed!

Here's to what has been accomplished. Here's to all that is to come.
Cheers to you, my friends!

May all dogs be happy!


Friday, March 20, 2009

more blog posts coming soon! really, really...I promise!

I'm here! I'm alive! I am, I really, really am!

Currently I've been digging my way out of an email pile, a dog pile, a pile of dishes, a pile of paints, a pile of this, a pile of that, and well...yeah, you get the point. Although it might appear as though I have fallen off the side of the planet, I've actually been attempting to return to some sense of normal (or whatever you want to call it).

Tonight, however, I met the fantabulous Kj and her partner, Jb! Oh, my lord, I'm not sure how it's possible, but Kj is even more fantastic in real life than she is on her blog! I really think I could have talked to her for just about forever. You know when you sit down with someone and feel like they just "get" you? Yes, that's how I felt when I sat down with Kj. Only one regret: we both forgot our cameras! Alas, I have no pictures to share. I do have an image of her happy eyes and beautiful smile planted nice and deep in my memory.

Kj is all fire, all energy, and all heart. She is a good listener. She is sensitive. She loves deeply. She is in tune with herself and many worlds around her. We decided that we could have talked all night long! Alas, they kicked us out of the coffee shop so they could close up for the night. Oh, sadness! And nice-big-long hugs.

Gosh, I feel truly blessed to have such incredible blogging women in my life. I mean, I feel really, really blessed.

((((Kj--I LOVED meeting you!!!))))