Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Self Portrait :: {15} feeling strangely present in my body while walking up and down the aisles of Target

standing in the rug section of the home department.
i am neither running ahead of my myself
or trying to drag myself to catch up.
while looking at welcome mats, i realized that
i was actually standing in the center of my being

noticing what it feels like to be here now.

365 Days of Self Portraits :: A Challenge


Self Portrait :: {14} an attempt at off-setting frustration with a long walk in blue muck-boots

'nuf said.

365 Days of Self Portraits :: A Challenge


Self Portrait :: {13} anything is possible...

...when you choose your life's direction.

just about to turn out the lights after an especially good day. sweet dreaming....with the knowing that it will all come true.

365 Days of Self Portraits :: A Challenge


Self Portrait :: {12} saying bon voyage to "Big Love"

"Big Love" has hereby been SOLD! Today I sold one of my most very favorite paintings I've ever done. It has now been delivered to its new home--and such a perfect home, it is! Even so, a proper goodbye was in order. I'm not sad, because I know that there are many more where this one came from...but it felt necessary to soak in as much of its color, love and inspiration as possible.

"Big Love" taught me how important it is to trust my instincts and to make sure that I allow time to occasionally paint just for myself. That is, after all, where the best paintings come from!

36" x 48" :: Oil on Canvas

365 Days of Self Portraits :: A Challenge


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Self Portrait :: {11} words will find my way

taking the leap
into unknown territory
broken down ballrooms
walking in the rain
a little bird told me
words will find my way.

365 Days of Self Portraits :: A Challenge


Self Portrait :: {10} wild horse heart

don't know where it will lead, but following it anyway.

today i agreed to an opportunity for a 5 day photo shoot with horses outside of jackson hole, wyoming. i think i've just given myself over to the other side...and it feels good.

365 Days of Self Portraits :: A Challenge


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Self Portrait :: {9} finding my inner calm

...because I know that everything I do or need or want can be more easily attained from a place of relaxation.

And a quote by Rumi, just because...
"If you could get rid of yourself just once, the secret of secrets would open to you. The face of the unknown, hidden beyond the universe would appear on the mirror of your perception."~ Rumi

365 Days of Self Portraits :: A Challenge


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Self Portrait :: {8} happiness depends on ourselves

Spent the day in the studio working on a vision board and writing in my journal. 13 pages later and I'm realizing that I've only just barely scratched the surface. I'm entering a new phase in my life and it's nothing less than scarey as hell--but I've had a lot of practice in the bravery department and so I'll tuck Aristotle's words in my back pocket and, know that if my life turns out anything like my vision board, it will be filled to the brim with vibrancy, freedom, adventure and wild blooms.

I'm scared. But happiness depends on myself.

365 Days of Self Portraits :: A Challenge


Friday, March 11, 2011

Self Portrait :: {7} animalistic joy

my wolfie girl, anu, and i shared a joy-filled moment in the studio together after playing in the snow. my dogs bring unexpected amounts of happiness into my life and today was no exception. welcome to a moment in my love-filled life. love fills all of our lives--the trick is simply in noticing it.


365 Days of Self Portraits :: A Challenge


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Self Portrait :: {6} well hello, little visitor

my little cat, viscosa, came to say hello while i sat answering emails.
sweet nice to see you. :) what's that you're saying? oh, yes, hmmm...i see. xo

365 Days of Self Portraits :: A Challenge


Self Portrait :: {5} late night nurture huddle

nurture huddle: support of the best kind. a group of friends that i've shared a bi-weekly conference call with for the past two years. we are four, and our locations span all of north america. we're a group of creatively inspired women who wanted a safe and supportive space to help hold ourself accountable for our visions and dreams. since beginning, we've evolved into something so much more.

through good times and bad, we've been there for each other--to support, laugh, cry, whine, babble, bitch and celebrate. successes and challenges--huge and small. i made tonight's call from a grocery story parking lot.

the best thing about the nurture huddle? being able to show up as ourselves, wherever we're at--nothing more, nothing less.

365 Days of Self Portraits :: A Challenge


Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Self Portrait :: {4} happiness hotel

Starting the day out right.
and other important choices before 10am.

365 Days of Self Portraits :: A Challenge


Monday, March 07, 2011

Self Portrait :: {3} :: self realization in two parts

Part I:
Attempting to run away from myself (my thoughts, a heavy heart, the pain that accompanies change). Escapism is a wonderful concept--in theory. I breathe deep or not at all and run towards the closest thing to nothing that I can find...

which leads to...

Part II:
The Self Return. Or rather, a return to Self. Let's face it: there is no running away. I am pulled back to myself as if by a chord on the back of an old toy and, in the process, find myself experiencing unexpected, cellular level JOY. It snuck up on me.

In the foreground, camera ticking and dogs barking. A flock of geese above. These are parts you cannot see.

This life--it is a process. Today I decided that it's OK to experience joy, especially in the tiny, unexpected moments. After all, this is what allows happiness to sneak back in.

365 Days of Self Portraits :: A Challenge


Sunday, March 06, 2011

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I'm not in the mental salt flats anymore. Actually, it's a place I left quite some time ago, but I've been too busy catching up with myself and creating to write about it.

I'm enjoying this space within myself. Internal blossoming is taking place.

More words one of these days soon. And until then, you can find me happily painting in a dog-filled, sun-drenched studio.


Friday, August 20, 2010

in the mental salt flats...

Every once in a while--well, actually, on a pretty regular basis--I think of this place. I consider coming here and sitting for awhile. I think about the notion of setting my thoughts down somewhere. I consider taking the time to delve beneath the surface and make sense of something.

But I don't. I haven't. At least not here.

Instead, I sometimes go to my journal. The one made of paper. And, more times than that, I don't even do that.

Life is strange these days. The hobbit castle has been under construction for nearly a month. Once it's finished, construction will soon move to my studio. I don't know what's worse. The big willow tree in our front yard fell down. It fell on a perfectly breathless morning. It was the heart of our home. A true day off feels like a distant dream. A blur of falling green.

These days, the world feels a bit off kilter. It feels a bit white. And flat. And strange.

I also understand that it's a necessary part of the journey and, if I just allow it to be what it is, I think I'll probably find something really interesting and beautiful on the other side of the current terrain. Heck, I'll probably find that in this current landscape--right here, right now. This, of course, requires a certain amount of presence.

A pause. Or flow. A letting go.

This is just a momentary blip--like the time I drove through the salt flats of Utah for the very first time. It was night. The moon was full. Everything was so surreal and flat and white. There was magic in that discomfort and momentary confusion.

Maybe if I just quit fighting with myself so much...I would find strange magic here, too.


Monday, April 05, 2010

Being Dramatic :: {Project 44}

60" x 40" :: Oil on Canvas :: Photo of work in progress

This is a sneak peek of my most favorite painting to date (early stages).
It's big. It's dramatic. It felt amazing to paint.

If you live in the Minneapolis area, I invite you to see the finished piece at the
Dogs of Edina exhibition at the Galleria, May 6th-31st, 2010.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Grow :: {Project 44}

Grow :: {Project 44}
Not just a mug, but a daily reminder of the potential in everything.

In living life fully, completely, wholeheartedly...
let's face it, growth is simply inevitable.

"People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them make them."
~George Bernard Shaw

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