Friday, February 19, 2010

catching up... POST #1000!!

Hello, old friends. It is time. Time for a new blog post because the world is whisking by me once again and there is only me to decide when to put my foot down and stop myself for just one holy second and say HELLO! :)

It is a sunny morning outside. The dogs are asleep on the couch and I have a growing to-do list in my head. These days, life is in full bloom. Hell, I even have roots busting out of the bottom of my metaphorical flower pot and we still have 4 feet of snow!

For now, let me just say that I'm here. I'm here and am preparing for my biggest show ever. I'm here and am venturing into one of the biggest and scariest and most exciting moments of my artistic career so far.

I would like to start blogging more again. Perhaps I'll just write short ditties. I've been getting good at that on Facebook. Just something to record this journey--and all its highs and lows. Believe me, there are many of them!

Recently I've been granted a 2,000 square foot gallery space in one of the most upscale locations in the Minneapolis area for the month of May. No charge, with massive marketing as an added perk. I'm also working with a long list of businesses that will be creating events throughout the month around my artwork. If ever I've been given a chance to grow as an artist, a business, and a is now. Holy crap--and I think I'm gonna need a seat belt.

I never in a million years expected my life to look like this. Yesterday I found out that I did not get a major fellowship that I had applied for. I have to admit that I really wanted it. $50,000. It was going to solve a lot of problems and give me some much needed artistic freedom. Despite the MAJOR odds, a wildly self-confident part of me was expecting to get it. But no. Nope. Not this time. Instead I got a rejection letter from them. The rest of the mail included several thank you cards from clients. These cards went way beyond thoughtful. I wanted to lay down in the snow and cry and laugh all at the same time. Ok, I admit, I did...but I waited until I got to the studio and did it there instead. I realized that I can make my life look any way I want it to. In just one day so many things happen.

Lately, every day has been filled to the gills with new opportunities and struggles, all at the same time! I've decided that success is coming...but I think I'm better off not having any expectations on HOW it's going to get here. This wild and surreal life. Sometimes it is an interesting challenge just to get out of my own way.

Peace sista friends.