Friday, November 24, 2006

The Doodle Cure.

Meet my new doodle notebook... cures bouts of over-seriousness.


gkgirl said...

tres cool...

Kristine said...

I love this! Is it a molestine journal?

Jessie said...

kristine, yep. i luv moleskins. they make me happy.

Vesper said...

moleskine's are divine!

Susannah said...

truly there is nothing more wonoderful in life than a crisp new Moleskine waiting to be filled :-) xo

sophie said...

It's wonderful:)

I bought a moleskin daytimer
for January in a beautiful red -
and i can't wait to use it
-since I will be in India
in January it has wonderful
things jotted in already!!

My obsession is notebooks.

Ces said...

Hi Jessie, kj told me about you. Nice moleskin, has a rich history, now all you need is a beautiful signature pen like Matisse had. Your painting detail on the blog reminds me of Rudyard Kipling's novels.

melba said...

Very cool. Please share the doodles too!

Feeling you today.
Thank you!


kj said...

jessie!i would like to ask you to consider moving with your family to blogworld road. you can get info at ces' blog. she is someone i recommend you check out anyway. she and a writer named caroline have both posted blogs that show who is moving to the neighborhood. you can have any house you want.


bella said...

Nice! Hope your Thanksgiving was fun! Doodling is the best.

Anonymous said...

that type of book is called an
accordian book, am i right?
heheh, my word verification thingy is
"peet", it actually came up with a real word this time!

Jessie said...

[a]ma: yep. it's an accordian. i'm loving it. don't know what i'll fill it with yet, but that's half the fun. ;)