Sunday, November 19, 2006

lately, i've been making a lot of artwork for the bookstore. and i'll admit, i'm enjoying it profusely.

yesterday i drew a poster for c.'s story hour...except that i inadvertantly did a self-portrait! oops. i swear, i didn't mean to. big nose, fat eyebrows, blue eyes...yeah, it's pretty much me, with red hair. v.'s been teasing me ever since and tried to get me to buy red hair dye. actually, it might not be such a bad idea. what do you think? heh.

if nothing else, i am working in new mediums and not only loving it, but learning a lot. for this piece i used pastels, colored pencils, and acyrlic paints. i've never really used pastels and colored pencils very much in the past...but i really like the way the combination works together and how it allows for both soft and saturated effects. it's interesting how these little projects have the potential to influence my personal artwork in big ways. i love getting paid to do these things...and i love that i'm learning something in the process. who knew?

* * *
ok...but today's artwork ranks up there as some of the strangest i've ever done:
i'm sculpting a salamander
huh? yes, a salamander.
and when i'm done, he's going to live in the front window display with copies of The Salamander Room. and although he's still a work in progress...

this is him in the oven:

and this is him after the oven
i've never sculpted (let alone baked!) a salamander before! we'll see. he's already suffering from a few minor cracks. hopefully he'll survive. when he cools off i'll paint him orange with brown dots and add a nice shallacking of varnish to make him look wet. oh, and my not-so-small salamander needs a name. i'll have to think on that one...because i'm already growing fond of the little guy. awwww.....

this is, quite likely, the weirdest, most interesting job i have ever had. thank god.


gkgirl said...

love both the picture
and the salamander,
can't wait to see how he comes
my first instinct for a name
glad to hear that you are enjoying
your interesting job!!!

Jessie said...

gkgrrl: sully is an awesome name! i'll ask him if he likes it after i paint him. ;)

Anonymous said...

i'm so freaking happy that your job is letting you experiment with so many new mediums, and stirring up that little cauldron of creativity that lives inside of you, my witchy sister.

ooh, i love you. and i miss you too.

p.s. i'm going to go make some coffee now! have i ever told you how much i wish we could do this someday in person?? which i know we will.

p.p.s. WHEN is az, exactly? i WANT to, but i need to know times. but i'd say it's at 80% - if you guys can go.

HoBess said...

I love this post! Everyone should be able to have fun and grow with a paying job ... why should we have to choose between getting paid and doing something that makes us smile? I've never understood that. Of course, then I ask myself, if everyone got to love their job would we have any accountants? HA! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Mrs. Ca said...

I love the poster. So fun! I'm jealous of your talent. :)

paris parfait said...

The poster is fab, as is the salamander! Your job sounds like a lot of fun. Glad you're enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

so glad you're enjoying your job!! oh, i long for the day that i get paid to do something creative that brings people joy (i think therapy could fit that definition...IF i can ever finish school!)

sophie said...

You are so adorable and i love
that poster -
it reminds me of the film
"You've got mail..."

i just loved the little bookshop it in and the idea that a book
shapes you as a child in a way
that it never does as an adult -

for me, it was "Anne of Green
Gables" and it sort of suites you
going with the chatty -
red head theme -

you could try a little henna:)

swampgrrl said...

oh i love that you are using all your talents at the bookstore! it feels over here in NJ like a fine place to put your energy into.

sully is so cute. i loved seeing the process.

((( you )))