Saturday, November 18, 2006

for the love of color...

...i couldn't help myself. i found this meme on bee's blog.

[RED ]

1. Closest red thing to you? the red stripes in a blanket from Mexico I have thrown over the back of my chair. and a red pen. and a red book. and a red candle. and a red picture frame holding a picture of saraswati, the hindu goddess of art and learning. and...did you know that red is the color i'm most often drawn to? um, yeah...i can't help it.
2. Has anyone ever cheated on you in a relationship? yes. he lied about it when i asked him several years later. i wasn't mad that he cheated on me--but i lost respect for him. our friendship was never the same after that.
3. Last thing to make you angry? i spent an entire shift dusting vases, pottery, and shelves that looked that they, literally, had not been doesn't in years. when i asked my boss if she noticed the sparkle all she she said was: "well, you missed a few spots." i was stunned speechless (but that's probably a good thing.)
4. Are you a fan of romance? i married a poet with an exotic sounding name, didn't i? i love romance.
5. Have you ever been in love? yes. and luckily with the man i'm married to.
6. Do you have a temper? yes. but i blame it on being a sagittarian.

1. Closest green thing to you? beads sent to me from kristine. they are always in front of me when i write. she sent them to bring me encouragement and inspiration. i could write a whole post just about the beads. the green ones remind me of the jungle.
2. Do you care about the environment? i would be stupid not to.
3. Are you jealous of anyone right now? surprisingly, no. these days i'm feeling more inspired by people than jealous.
4. Are you a lucky person? even though i NEVER win anything, i've always felt lucky. things could have gone wrong in my life in so many ways. i must be lucky.
5. Do you always want what you can't have? yes, there's always something that i feel could make my life better....but not necessarily material things.
6. Are you Irish? yes. from my dad's side of the family. my dad used to put green food dye in our milk every year for st. patrick's day. but, even worse, was the aweful green plaid suit he would dress up in, too. he looked hilarious. too bad he grew out of it. :)-

1. Last purple thing you saw? the notebook in front of me. actually though, it's fuscia--neither red, nor purple (...but it's my favorite color).
2. Like being treated to expensive things? yes. but i try to limit myself to things like good food and good coffee...maybe some nice shampoo.
3. Do you like mysterious things? i love mystery--but only certain kinds. ;)
4. Favourite type of chocolate? really creamy milk chocolate. or dark chocolate spiced with cayenne pepper (have you ever tried it? oh, it tastes heavenly when melted in your mouth with black coffee).
5. Ever met any royalty? does willy nelson count? haha!
6. Are you creative? yes.
7. Are you lonely? no. and, for this, i am thankful.

[ BLUE ]
1. Closest blue thing to you? a packet of wringley's winterfrost gum.
2. Are you good at calming people down? if i want to be.
3. Do you like the ocean? yes. i love it. the ocean is a very intense experience for me--every time.
4. What was the last thing that made you cry? i don't know why. i felt hurried and stressed out. it was only a couple tears. my husband made fun of me and i ended up laughing at myself.
5. Are you a logical thinker? logic's overrated. :) *those are bee's words. and i couldn't have sayid it any better.
6. Can you sleep easily? yes. i used to sleep better, but i won't complain.
7. Do you prefer the beach or the woods? i NEED regular doses of the woods to maintain a stable doses of happiness. i love the ocean, but i'm most familiar with the's in my blood and bones.

1. Closest yellow thing to you? in a painting i did leaned up against the wall.
2. The happiest time(s) of your life? there have been many. maybe even too many to list and hopefully many to come. it's in those little moments of life.
3. Favourite holiday? does my birthday count? haha!
4. Are you a coward? Hell no! but...yes, sometimes.
5. Do you burn or tan? not much of either. my skin stays stubbornly matter how hard i try.
6. Do you want children? yes. about 10 times a day. i also change my mind 10 times a day.
7. What makes you happy? this question makes me happy because it makes me realize how manyt things make me happy.

[ PINK ]
1. Closest pink thing to you? this blog.
2. Do you like sweet things? occassionally. but i'm more of a salt and grease kinda girl. :)-
3. Like play-fighting? yes, especially when i win.
4. Are you sensitive? oh geez...that's an understatement.
5. Do you like punk music? no. my best friends in highschool were all punk-rockers. i was a goth girl myself. i've tried to like it, but punk music has always rubbed me the wrong way. go figure.
6. What is your favourite flower? hyacinth, lilacs, waxflower, paper whites, and tuber roses. (they're all so spicy sweet smelling--it's hard to choose just one).
7. Does someone have a crush on you? i'd like to know if there is.

1. Closest orange thing to you? a small silk tapestry from india. my computer is sitting on it. and a manderine orange candle tin sitting on my desk.
2. Do you like to burn things? yes. i burn candles and incense nearly every day. i love fireplaces and woodstoves.
3. Dress up for Halloween? i used to sew elaborate costumes for myself...but then i got old and boring (or something).
4. Are you usually a warm-hearted person? well, i hope so.
5. Do you prefer the single life or the security of a relationship? my indepedance is important to me. but i love being married. both v. and i are happiest when we're able to strike a balance.
6. What would your super power be? invisibility.

1. Closest white thing to you? scraps of paper with notes to myself written on them.
2. Would you say you're innocent? nope...then again, it would depend on why you're asking!
3. Always try to keep the peace? in some ways, yes--i just want to avoid conflict. in some ways, no--there are times when i voice my opinion, even when i would have been better off keeping my mouth shut.
4. How do you imagine your wedding? the way it was.
5. Do you like to play in the snow? yes, yes, and yes!!
6. Are you afraid of going to the doctors or dentist? definately! i don't trust doctors and dentists inflict pain.

1. Closest black thing to you? a black planner with a black and white postcard of a park in paris taped to the cover.
2. Ever enjoy hurting people? no.
3. Are you sophisticated or silly? i'm not sure if i'm quite either. can i be something in between?
4. Do you have a lot of secrets? not many. i wear myself inside out.
5. What is your favourite colour(s)? fuscia. red. turqoise. lime green. pink.
6. Does the colour you wear affect your mood? i choose color because of the mood i'm in. if i pick the wrong color, i feel "off."


sophie said...

I loved reading this post Jessie.
I am Irish as well and i get
really silly on St. Patricks day -

we have so much in common -

you know, i just cannot wait to
have you make a painting from
one of my photos of India -
(if you still have time:)


swampgrrl said...

reading this was so much fun. it was like sitting across from you with *very* good coffee in your delightful mugs. i've never drink cayenne with chocolate with coffee...that's a taste i think i'd love.

Anonymous said...


p.s. i miss you.

Loralee Choate said...

This is a very cool meme. I may have to copy it some day!