Saturday, November 11, 2006

noon thought:

my little black cat, viscosa, sprouted a long wiry white hair out of her eyebrow during the night. does this mean she's growing old? she's the youngest of our animal family (now 7). my oh moves quickly. some days i think it's strange how much i think about mortality. i'm nearly 32 years old. i watch people...always watching people, trying to decipher the length and quality of their days. i love life too much. sometimes it makes me feel desperate.


Anonymous said...

i know what you mean, sweetpea.

god, do i.

i hope you realize that you are giving so much beauty to the world, just by being in it.

silverlight said...

Nonsense. You have 60+ years left. Now days, at 3o, you are have many young years left. When you reach 60. It will more like 40 or 50.
So, right now, you are just coming into your best years. Don't sweat it.