Sunday, November 26, 2006

My Sunday in Three Parts:

Part I: Oh, Christmas Tree.

After waking up much too early, Vinny and I went out for breakfast at our favorite greasy spoon. It seems as though it's becoming our new Sunday morning tradition. I guess the eggs benedict and coffee served in thick white mugs fueled us up enough to go out and get a tree--which we did...and then spent half the day listening to Elvis and Louis Armstrong Christmas music while decorating it in jewel tones and childhood ornaments. I'm impressed--I mean, it's only November! And the best part is that at night our house looks like a brothel!!

Part II: The Studio.

After finishing the tree and vacuuming up the broken bulb (oops!) Vinny headed for the couch for a nap and I headed to the basement for some uninterrupted studio time. I didn't have enough time to actually paint, but I did some sketches, prepped a canvas, and generally putzed around.

This is the 4 ft. x 4 ft. canvas that's been waiting patiently for me to paint something on it since we moved. The red chair has been flirting for my attention a lot lately. I think it's time.

And this, smaller, 24" x 24" canvas has been whispering to me, too. I'm imagining something in fuscia and deep reds with small amounts of purple-blue...something warm and and vibrant and that I want to fall into...

Because of odd jobs at the bookstore I've been spending a lot more time at my workbench lately. I was sad to leave my old studio because, whenever I was there, I always felt so incredibly relaxed. Turns out, that feeling followed me into the studio I've created here also. I don't even need to actually be making art. Something about just being surrounded by tubes of paint, stacks of canvases, aluminum cans filled with brushes, stashes of pastels and pencils, and mildly toxic studio odors...well, it has a way of putting me at ease in a way that nothing else can.

And Viscosa...she'll follow me just about anywhere. She's an art cat.

Part III: The Birthday Party.

Last, but not least...since today is my brother-in-law's 39th birthday, a little celebration was in order! This is the crown that A. (my 5 year old niece) and I made. Unfortunately, glue dripped down onto the birthday boy's forehead during dinner. He might be wearing patches of pink construction paper to class tomorrow morning, but I'm sure his college students would love it.

Not only did I help make a crown, but W. (my 7 year old nephew) instructed me on the subtle arts of making spring rolls.

...and, dang, they were good (uuh--I think I ate too many).

After making plate-fulls of spring rolls, my sister gave her kids a geography lesson of Spain. According to her, even wine makes for a good learning opportunity. ha! I can't help but agree. The wine tasted good, too.


deirdre said...

The tree looks fantastic, I have studio envy, spring rolls are my new non-cooking favorite thing to make, the kids are too cute. Wow, you got a lot into this weekend.

swampgrrl said...

good morning, grrl!

your tree looks so wonderful. and your studio as well. i love to see your creative spot ... gives me a little umpppfff to go to mine and create something.

love the family pics. i'm imagining your bro-in-laws day today with pink shards stuck to his forward.

thanks for beginning my day off with a smile.

here's to a happy monday!!

gkgirl said...

sound like a fantastic day!
the tree looks so pretty
and i had a little giggle
about the brothel comment,

Jamie said...

What an awesome day! The tree is so beautiful! The brothel comment cracked me up. Yay to that particular added bonus. And I love your Studio. It's so inviting. I think I could hear that canvas calling your name. Hey, and I noticed your portrait up in one of those photos. That was cool. All that and birthday celebrations too! I hope next Sunday is as good :) or at least starts with eggs and coffee and ends with Spanish wine, hehe.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

visting from inspire me thursday; a wonderful spacious studio indeed!

Anonymous said...

this is such a wonderful, jessie-post to come back to. the pictures...i love the fact that you're creating in your studio again...the family time...awesome. awesome possum, in fact.

paris parfait said...

Wonderful photos, Jessie of your delightful Sunday! I'm glad you're feeling at home in your new studio.

Ces said...

"I don't even need to actually be making art. Something about just being surrounded by tubes of paint, stacks of canvases, aluminum cans filled with brushes, stashes of pastels and pencils, and mildly toxic studio odors...well, it has a way of putting me at ease in a way that nothing else can."

My kindred soul! I love looking at other painter's studios. You had a wonderful weekend.

melba said...

Wonderful post! I can't wait to get our tree up. I think we might wait a week or two because it will be too tempting for the little ones to pull off every needle and ornament!

Your car has a very similiar name to my maiden name. Is there a story behind the name? I feel like we are even more connected now!

I LOVELOVELOVE your studio!

tara dawn said...

Love these pics...and I love imagining you and V decorating the tree with Louis Armstrong xmas music...and then you in the blissfulness of your studio.
Sending you lots of wonderful thoughts and big hugs!
Love you,

Leah said...

i was sad reading about your old studio, but this space looks fantastic...and look at those blank canvases. ooooo. you are so much more organized than me! want to come over and show me how to set up my own studio? actually, i'm looking for studio space right now, my first separate art space. i'm so excited!! i can't wait to see the wonderful things you'll create!

kj said...

jessie, i LOVE seeing your studio. it looks great!

Kristine said...

The studio makes me jealous! :)
I love the family pics! Looks like it was a great time.