Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Public Service Announcement: Loralee Extravaganza!!!

Hey you Bemidji people...Loralee is going to be in Minneapolis on Wednesday and Thursday, December 6-7. She wants to chop down trees and feast on hot dish...AND YOU'RE INVITED!!

ok...maybe we won't chop down trees and eat hot dish, but...

You ARE invited!
(dinner, cocktails, and coffee? maybe we could eat venison and drink cheap beer??)

(Thinking of making the pilgrimage from Bemidji or California or Wherever-You-Are?? Come on...you know you want to! Send me an e-mail so I can give you the details.)


Anonymous said...

aaarrggh! why in the middle of the week - why?! why?!
sadly, i will not be able to make it (so close, but yet so far). but i expect to see lots of pictures posted here and there...

have fun! e

Jessie said...

duuude! that is such a bummer! you would totally make my day if you showed up. what if we get together thursday night? assuming that works for everyone else.

Elizabeth said...

you're a dear! we're saving every penny for my son's college ambitions, or I definitely would visit - sounds like a BLAST!

Have a great one!

sophie said...


i might come -


i am going to see how much
this will cost


Loralee Choate said...

This is going to be so much freaking fun. Thursday would work really well for me.


Froyd said...

much as I'd love to make it back and celebrate both Loralee and my Birthday in Minnesota, I cannot.

Anonymous said...

hmph. i would love to go. but i am, unfortunately, saving for a certain city in arizona.... ;)

i've got to go meet this loralee person. she sounds interesting. ;)

gkgirl said...

its a little far for me,
but if it was closer,
i'd be there!

Jessie said...

froyd, i wish you could be here cuz you would make it extra fun. you could wear your pirate costume or something. but we'll sing a birthday song for you in our loudest voices into the minneapolis sky where it will somehow travel to you. loralee can record it and then post it on her blog (right, loralee?). :)- i'm putting this on her because she's the most technologically savvy.

in exchange, don't forget to sing my birthday song on the 9th--ha! :)

swampgrrl said...

i don't even know what and where bemidji-thingy-bobber is, but i wanna come!!!

do you think i'll get fired if i just ditch out on work for the next coupla days?

have a raucous celebration and drive those winter browns away.

Jessie said...

hahaha! swampgrrl, your comment about bemidji-thingy-bobber makes me laugh out loud (really loud!).

here's the story:
loralee is a girl from utah who started "stalking" all of us university bloggers from a small town in northern minnesota called "bemidji" (which is where i'm from). one thing led to the next, led to the next...and now she's traveling to minnesota and some of us are finally going to actually meet this opera singing, plane jumping, maniac, mother of 2!

you know, in posting this announcement, i am AMAZED at the possibilities of spontanious gatherings. who knew! :)

Jessie said...

second thought:
...or did we start stalking her?

Anonymous said...

Ohhh how I wish I could come and play and eat with all of you!

Have a blast and take lots of pics. It is so delightful to meet up with lovely blogger friends in person.

Mark said...

Damn and blast. I would love to attend. Little matters of classes and so on make that impossible.

Thanks for the invitation. Have a grand time and write about it and make us all jealous.

melba said...

Jessie oneday we will meet.
Last week when I was in a funk for part of the day I went to bed with this image you described in a comment to me of a dream you had about justBe... of us sitting and sharing and the energy of the room. When ever I feel low I think of that comment and it helps me spiral up!


Loralee Choate said...

I'm so bummed,Mark! We could have sung some tunes together!!

Is Thursday still working for everyone???

Have I mentioned I cannot WAIT to meet everyone?

(The Stalking Thing has been fairly mutual, thank goodness!)

Jessie said...

Melba: I remember that dream very well also. And I'm glad it helps you feel better when you need a boost. It was really an incredible feeling in that dream. I want it to come true.

Loralee: Thursday seems to still be working! :) Amber and I are wondering if your back can handle bowling?? :)- There's a resteraunt here with a bowling alley in it. Or would you prefer something more ethnic? Or....??
ps. I'm bummed too. A Mark and Loralee duet would have been something to remember. ;) Dang.