Friday, November 10, 2006

Half wolf. All baby.

It's been a long and interesting day. But all that matters right now is this steaming mug of chamomile tea and the big, fluffy wolfie that I have snuggled at my feet. Anu is strictly an outside dog--but sometimes, like tonight, my heart gets all soft around the edges and I let her in. It's cold outside and Vinny and I worked long days. She hasn't been left alone for more than a handful of hours in over a year. Poor baby--she was cold and lonely and whining so softly at the door that my heart here she is, laying under my desk all huffs and sighs and groans of pleasure.

We don't let her in very often because, if we do, she starts expecting it...not to mention that, considering she'd eat the cats if given the opportunity, it just doesn't work out well for anyone (especially the cats!). Lately though, I miss having an indoor dog like mad. I love having a big dog laying at my feet when I sit at my desk. I love having an animal take up more room than me in my bed. I love having a dog to lay on the couch with and use for a leg pillow. I (kinda) love having to step over or around the dog a hundred times while cooking dinner; or to talk to while I fold laundry; or to fall asleep on the bathroom floor when I take a bubble bath or.... yeah, I just miss having an indoor dog. And now that it's getting colder out, and not as comfortable to sit outside for hours on end, I miss Anu too. She still gets lots of the almost-ridiculous degree that the neighbors are not unaccustomed to me sitting in the middle of the yard in my down jacket just so I can give her extra love (luckily they understand these strange urges of the heart), but it just isn't the same. You know?

Lately...Anu's been getting (even more) spoiled. This is the second time in a week I've brought her inside. It's kind of a process just bringing her in--but once it's done, ahhhhh... after that it's nothin' but pure doggie bliss. Then again, it works both ways...I suppose you could call it pure Jessie bliss, too.

and for today's math lesson:
toasty crackling fireplace + big, furry dog + chamomile tea = heaven to the nth degree.
(...and I haven't even lit the fire yet!)

ps. the photos are from a couple days ago. i've been wanting to post them, but didn't get a chance until now.


paris parfait said...

So sweet, the mutual admiration society of you and your dog. You're lucky to have each other.

swampgrrl said...

she is gorgeous. look at those melt-your-heart eyes. i'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

i freaking LOVE these pictures. love love love love love. especially the one when you're peeking out of the corner (don't think i didn't see you) all happy jessie bliss.

love you!

bella said...

beautiful, beautiful dog! look at those eyes.

deirdre said...

What a sweet doggie! Years ago I had two goldens and loved those dogs so much. One of them was supposed to be an outside dog and I just couldn't do it. So he came inside and I dealt with the dog hair and rainy days and always stepping over someone. And the doggie cuddles were worth it. It broke my heart when I had to leave them.

Colorsonmymind said...

Oh I would have broken down too for all that cozy dogness. What a beauty and I wish I could share in that lovely tea, fire and fluffy dogness.

Kristine said...

Pretty sweet. I love the one of you and her on the floor.

kj said...

hi jessie, anu is beautiful! i had a husky who snuck out the kitchen door whenever she could plan her escape into the larger world. it would take hours to "catch" her--she'd let me come within inches, then smile and out run me. when she got sick, we gave her iv's at home and cut up special diapers for her. all because of love....!