Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The "Be Brave" Project.

ORIGINAL POST (October 2, 2007):

Last week I wrote a post here announcing my commitment to doing one thing every day that scares me and asked others to join in. Because of the incredible response that I have received from friends and fellow bloggers, I have decided to create a badge as well as write a post explaining this project to anyone who might want to know more about it.

This project was inspired by the words of Eleanor Roosevelt:


One day, while shopping for art supplies, I found a card with this quote on it and thought of my mom...but then the unexpected happened and the idea just wouldn't leave me alone. Eleanor's words seemed to be exactly what I needed to help me get out the rut I had somehow gotten myself in. I figured, what's to lose? Should it surprise me that amazing things have already started to happen?

I have been a part of creative blogging communities in the past and I am always blown away by the power that emerges when a diverse group of people come together--especially when joined by a common thread. And that is why I asked others to join me in this project--so that we can remind each other to be brave on a regular basis. So that we can offer support. So that we can be each others' believing mirrors.

I have committed to doing one thing that scares me every day for a month. I started on September 27, 2007. However, because Halloween is such a perfect day to celebrate a month worth of adventurous living, I've decided to continue the project until October 31st. And, if I learn anything at all in doing this, I will continue with acts of bravery well beyond any date that I might set for myself.

Here's the rules:
  • (most important:) MAKE YOUR OWN RULES.
  • Do this for yourself.
  • Make a commitment for the length of time that best suites YOUR needs--one day, one month, one year, one moment...it's all up to you, and you alone. ;)
  • The "brave" or "scary" things that you choose to do can be as big or little as you want them to be. Sometimes it's the little things that can be the most scary!
  • (not to quote Nike, but...) Just do it.
  • Be on your own schedule. You don't need to make a commitment until YOU are ready.
  • This is your unique journey--make it whatever you want it to be.
Also, per Maddie's suggestion, I've created a badge for the "Be Brave" project (see image at top of post). If you want to participate, I invite you to add it to your blog. In order to get the image to link back to this post, the html code is:

Here's to moving forward. And to living a little bit more adventurously in the process!

Be Brave!

* * *

UPDATED POST (July 8, 2008):

Dear Friends,

Back in October of 2007 (oh, that sounds like such a long time ago) I decided to start a new project and invited any one who was interested to join me. Little did I know that it would CHANGE MY LIFE. In proper blogging fashion, people from all over the world decided to live their lives a little bit more bravely. The cumulative energy from so many brave individuals felt as powerful as a tidal wave, a wave that just keeps growing. I will forever be grateful for the success of the Be Brave Project because it has propelled me forward in ways I never even imagined. Maybe you have participated in this project since the beginning. Maybe you've just started. Maybe you've simply been letting the idea incubate inside of you. Or maybe this is the first you've heard of it. Whatever the case, I deeply believe that there is strength in numbers and so I once again invite you to join me in this Be Brave journey.

I began with the intentions of living by Eleanore Roosevelt's quote for one month.
"Do one thing every day that scares you."
~Eleanor Roosevelt

One thing. Just one. Every day. Turns out that it became a habit. I didn't mean for that to happen, but I'm glad that it did. Granted, committing acts of bravery has not gotten any easier--but what DID happen is that I got better at recognizing the signs of evasion. I got better at giving myself those little nudges--like jumping into water, it is never as painful as we imagine. I think it's safe to say that most of us are creatures of comfort. Why cause ourselves discomfort on purpose? Well, the point is not to be uncomfortable. The point is to MOVE FORWARD. The point is to grow and evolve. The point is to manifest your wildest desires--no matter how impossible they might seem. The point is to shine with our whole being.

And sometimes that requires incredible amounts of bravery.

These days I feel as though I have hit a bit of a crossroads, a hump, a rock, a wall...whatever it is, I'm struggling to move past it, and it feels very NECESSARY and important that I do. Over and over this quote has been finding its way back to me. And I have to tell you that it's down right weird how often and blaringly it has been popping up lately. One woman, who has no knowledge of this project, commissioned me to paint this EXACT quote on 5 feet worth of canvas to hang about her bed. Another woman, who also has no knowledge of the project, invited me to her home for a photoshoot in preparation for another commission, for a portrait of her cat and dog. Mind you, the day before I had been on the brink of giving up on myself, but then (the universe stepped in?) I unexpectedly met her on a sidewalk and, for some reason, we started talking. When I arrived at her home, there was a tall gate leading into what I can only describe as a magical place--and on the inside of the gate was, yes, you guessed it, that quote.

Then there have been the emails, the comments, the requests--dozens of them saying: Be Brave, Be Brave, Be Brave...

And so I've come to the conclusion that it is time to revisit the Be Brave Project and to invite you, once again, to join me in doing so.

I, personally, will whole-heartedly return to this project on Monday, July 21st. I've chosen that date because by then I will have finished a major project, thus opening up more time and energy for living extra bravely. And I will have just returned home, refreshed from a small vacation. For me, these are good conditions for starting out on a journey (or, in my case, continuing on a journey).

I want to make it very clear, however, that there is no beginning and no end to this project. If you decide to join in, there are no rules except for the ones you create for yourself.

We each have a different goal. We each have a different reason for calling on bravery. And we each will have a different outcome. The important thing is that you make a commitment to yourself--and then believe that the universe will support you in that commitment. It's safe to say that you will get as much out of it as you put into it. This blogging community is here as a network of cumulative energy to help propel you forward and remind you that you are not alone when the going gets rough--and it will--but I assure you that you will expand in hugely positive ways.

Here's to continued bravery!


Amber said...

You rock.

Um. I'm scared to do it, because I know I will flake right now. What does that say about me? lol


Olivia said...

Amazing Jessie. This is the most challenging of all the projects so far, at least for me. I love the new badge.

Amber, we each have to do it when we're ready. Whenever that is...if/when the time is right you will know.

Relaxation and peace to both of you tonight, Love, O

Anonymous said...

i might have to do it since you added that awesome button. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oooo...this sounds cool.
You always have the most creative, spiritually healthy ideas Jessie.
I just might have to join in and "be brave".

bee said...

i'm joining in, but in a few days. got a bit too much flooding the damns right now.

bee said...


trying to add the button....can anyone tell me how to add a button to a wordpress template?

Melanie Margaret said...

I just added the badge to my blogs!
I love the words
Be Brave.
I am going to make some art tonight surrounding this theme.
I think every day about being brave thanks to you. You inspire me so much. I can not even put it into words.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I finally got the courage to join. Thank you for making it such a safe space where I can do it at my own pace, being gentle and compassionate with myself. PS LOVE the badge.

paris parfait said...

What a wonderful project, Jessie! I have been trying to do this for a little while now, as lots of changes going on in my life; new possibilities and prospects - but some of it is quite scary. So I welcome the idea of taking one scary step per day. Thanks for sharing your great idea and for your always inspiring writing! xo

Elizabeth said...

yes the badge might well sway me too ...

After reading your post i did do something brave, it felt VERY scary and i undid half of it straight away, but half still remains. I shall join in ad-hoc as I am also doing "The Big Draw" for 1 month, (a drawing a day for 1 month) and have 'enough on my plate' at home to crack the plate!
I agree, the group energy is very powerful and positive ... I just LOVE it. It also keeps me motivated.

I wish you well on your journey.
Peace, E

madelyn said...

I am so happy with this project -
and i even have a little
"set" in flickr now for my
photos of strangers:)

Jessie - I love love love the
button - i put it on my



Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love the button (and I am doing it! I've done about 4 things in as many days that scare me...gearing up for the BIG ONE, starting my novel again (and re-reading everything I have thus far).

Love you, xoxo, M

Alessandra Cave said...

Maddie sent me here when she read my post on bravery. I'm loving it: looks like bravery is in! :) Thanks for the button... It's lovely!

tara dawn said...

You are awesome and definitely brave! I am so proud of you and love this whole idea. It has definitely got me thinking about what things I am holding back from out of fear. I need a little more self-exploration before I jump in with a public commitment, but I'll keep you updated in letters. And speaking of letters, you have one crossing the many miles to you as I type this.
Love you, daring woman of strength!

delhidreams said...

my first time here, liked the post.
a lot.
take care jessie :)

Jana B said...

I love the badge! It looks so pretty on my site... *happy sigh*

Anonymous said...

Brave thing #1 - signing up for this!

Thanks to Kikipotamus for leading me here...

eb said...

Jessie - this is very cool - I'm going to be, dream and play with this one - a little scared - but here we go...

Cheryl Finley said...

Cool idea! And, a quote that I love, and resonate with...and I love the guidelines to go at your own pace..which is my way of doing most things (except for that day-job-thing :) Anyway, this is especially synchronistic because I wrote about this very quote in May: http://acapellasouljourney.blogspot.com/2007/05/personal-precription.html

That "Do one thing..." vibe is permeating the universe! Truly a beautiful thing... Rock on...and keep "Livin' Brave!"

Cheryl Finley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
B.B. Bellezza said...

Thanks for posting this. I will be joining in as well!

Lorena said...

i bought a journal with that exact title years ago in hopes that it would inspire me to step out of my comfort zone. great idea you have here!

Marie said...

I'm a little late, but I'm in!

I've missed you...sorry it's taken so long, but I'm glad to continue my journey with such an inspiring woman. Thanks! And you're right, it is amazing at what happens when you get people together on a common thread.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog and I love this idea. It just so happens I have done two things that scare me: posted the first collage I have ever made and started participating in self-portrait challenge. I think I will commit to a week for now, and leave it open to going for the rest of the month.

I also have a wordpress blog, and I don't think I can put up the badge. When I had a blogger account I could, but I think with wordpress I would have to do an upgrade.

Anonymous said...

I'll be joining too....this is a wonderful idea!

Kimberly: I have basic wordpress too and you *can* put the badge on your site. If you need help, email me at

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

Thanks for starting this Jessie. I'm starting a few days late, but I'll brave up as quick as I can!

Anonymous said...

found you via a friend's blog. LOVE this idea. Being the big chicken I am. I am so in.

nonizamboni said...

Count me in! I usually try to do something like this every so often and know how it helps my state of being. Thanks for offering this to us, Jessie.

Darlene (Dee or Gram-D) said...

What a wonderful idea! I love it!

Colorsonmymind said...

Jessie-wow this is so brave and fabulous!

design dna said...

i started my blog to quit being chicken! one thing every day is a good rule of thumb. sign me up. i'm still chicken.... but i'm TRYING!

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is a great idea Jessie and I so heart Eleanor too. She didn't have a greek mother though....but I'll try....this could be a very good social experiment for me. Kidding aside, this is a lovely and 'brave' idea.
xo Lia

anita said...

I have this posted on my wall... and said yesterday in my journaling excercise that following this would be one way to move forward through some "must do" items... then I read Carla this morning... add one more to synchronicity and flow.


ELLIE said...

I love the concept-the idea behind your project...it takes so much out of me to not be scared of something..but I will try..have added the badge to my journal...THANKS for the inspiration!

Unknown said...

I love this idea.. I came back from a job fair and was bummed because my social anxiety kicked in and I stammered and stuttered through giving out my resume. But after running across a link to this project in another blog when I "googled" social anxiety and job fairs I took it as a sign. So, instead of beating myself I'm gonna make myself keep doing a scarey thing and get past this fear that keeps me from doing what I used to love doing.. going out and enjoying life despite my fears! Thanks!!

Candace said...

I'm in. Am I letting the old me hold me back from this weeks task, of course but I probably will not consider this over until I complete one special task..... To being brave and stepping out there!!Thanks!!!

storyteller said...

What a wonderful idea! I've happily faced MY long-standing fear of sharing what I write finally. Just 10 days ago I started two Blogs of my own. I'm facing my fear by posting something on each one every day and leaving comments like this one. The second blog is where I've taken up Carla's challenge to do daily Sacred Life explorations, but I've added your "Be Brave" button to each site as a reminder to begin to face other fears once I'm ready for new challenges.

igoddess.com said...

Well done Jessie, I'll be starting this project as soon as I start a list of my fears ;-)


Anonymous said...

This is just what I need right now.. thank you!

Today is my first visit to you blog, I'm sure I'll be back often.

Everydaythings said...

I added myself too, as I have been BIG brave all this year, its been one of those awful years. SO here's me joining in too.

somepinkflowers said...

i have lived this
**Be Brave** thing
my entire adult life--
or, at least, have tried to--
i honor you
inspire others
by placing this badge on my blog.


thanks ever so...

Anonymous said...

Love the badge... yo have definitely inspired me!

Elle said...

I am definitely giving this a chance. grazie!!

Mindful Mimi said...

This idea is great! How have you been keeping up? Are you sharing the brave things on your blog? What do you do if you have no real scary thing to do? Where do you get the inspiration for a next scary thing?
I have posted a link to the be brave project on my blog and would love your comments...

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hello, just added the badge to my blog.

It is lovely, and what a great idea to help people overcome their fears.

Saw your link on Eb's blog. Love the little envelope in her latest post..it must of come from you.

Mindful Mimi said...

Thank you for your answer to my question on how to find a brave thing to do everyday. Do you mind if I quote you on my next post abou this?

Frankie said...

I know that you did this a while ago now, but I've only just found this, and you, and am so very excited to do this! You have inspired me, beyond any words I could post here, to take control of my life, to step out of my own rut, to live each day to the fullest I can. I need this. I want this. Thank you so very much for this beautiful gift. xoxo

Amanda said...

just now found this... i'm definitely in. what a beautiful idea!

Anonymous said...

OK... I'm up for the challenge but I'm not sure what I'm scared of doing at this stage so I might just sit on this one for a little bit. However I will post your badge up on my site as a way of promoting what you're doing. I hope that is ok. :-)

Dauphine Poole said...

I'm in.

-Dauphine Poole

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog while googling to remember the exact works of my newest favorite quote, "Do one thing.." I am an at-home mom who has been doing lobbying for state funding of public schools through an advocacy group in my state. I contact local officials and am quoted in the local newspaper all the time. People think I love this stuff, but everytime I do it it scares me. Yet, we have turned around our state legislature and they have put more money into our children's education. So I think you should sell your buttons that people can wear them around!

Anonymous said...

that is such a great idea!

Miss Kim said...

I'm reallyyyyyyy late finding your blog but this is a wonderful idea! I've added the badge to my blog and will try to follow the challenge.

Bee Bee said...

Wow, look at all the people and support you have! What would that be like......

Also, what a wonderful, scary, insightful, amazing way to grow. I am definitely doing this. Now. I am brave, I am brave, I am brave...


Amber said...

Everything in its own time. It IS important to do something that scares you every day...when you are ready to committ. and I am ready. I added your button to my blog...www.recycledrealities.blogspot.com. I thank you for your initiative... and for your bravery... and for starting this project..... blessings

kendalee said...

I love this! I have the words "Be Brave. Live Consciously" on the startup screen of my mobile/cell phone as an everyday reminder, so this project really resonates with me. Thank you for sharing your creativity and putting the challenge out there! :)
Love the button too.

Rowena said...

Today? Seriously? Today you wrote that extra post? I just discovered this today, and was thinking, oh I can't do this, they've already started, she's practically done. Besides, I'm not really in a place to "be brave," I'm just taking care of my kids a little isolated from life...

But because you say that you are rededicating to it... today... I feel like it is a message from the universe. It's time to be brave. I hardly know what it means. I guess I am joining you.

I'm adding the badge to my blog warriorgirl.blogspot.com

Gill said...

I'm here via Megg and I MUST participate. I love this ideology.
It is wonderful, BRAVE and crazy!
I'm posting the badge, I'm doing it!!!

Anonymous said...

My company has as its motto:

Stay calm
Be brave
Wait for the signs

Kelly wrote about you and I will definitely join in.

Tanya said...

It is the first time I am hearing about the 'Be Brave' project. Wow, it really made an impact on me. I so need something to get me out of being scared of trying anything. I am going to take up the challenge. It's going to be difficult but I am going to do it.

Thank you for the inspiration : )

Anonymous said...

Would love to join in as well!
What a great idea...and much needed.


Anonymous said...

Jessie, I found your site through a fellow Artfester, Michelle. What a grand idea, I am joining. Do you have anyone else from Australia here or can be the first?

Catherine said...

You have inspired me to take the chance - the opportunity - to be brave. It can be in the tiniest little ways...saying no when you mean yes comes to mind. I added your button to my own site so that others can try it out as well. Thank you for your inspiration...and your own bravery. Would you keep us up to date on your moments of bravery?

Thank you so much! Catherine

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you and to everyone who has taken you up on your suggestion here, and on Eleanor's original thoughts and inspiration throughout the ages!

Becca said...

Jessie, you have inspired me so much over the past year, with the way you've made your dreams come true. Whenever I find myself thinking "Oh, I could never do that," I remember what you've made happen in your life and rethink things.

I remember when you posted this challenge last year, I had the same feeling I got as a child when all my friends were doing something really cool but I was afraid to jump in and try it. Like watching everybody else dance, and being too shy to get out on the floor. I'm still feeling a little bit that way, but perhaps less so.

Maybe, just maybe, I can be brave enough to try..

Thanks so much for all the ways you inspire me (and other women!)

eilandkind/islandchild said...

I came here from 'periwinkle's' site, you've inspired me, I am IN! :)

Karyn said...

Okay - I'm on board.

I'll be the sniveling wreck at the back with mad hair, but I'm on board.

Thank you for this - the inspiration, the idea, and of course, the nifty badge.


photoholly said...

I have heard about this project through a friend of mine and just discovered your blog. I am ready to listen to my heart and "be brave" for it's something I have lost how to do, just be brave and do it. I'm recovering from depression and this sounds like just the thing I need to do. Hugs to you for such a wonderful project and for bringing so many of us out of our shells. Hugs.

Kelly said...

Hello! I learned about your project from Leah, so count me in! I need a reminder to live with more moxie and gumption in my life!

Anonymous said...

Great concept and great project. I took on such on idea when I hit 50a couple of years ago. I promised myself I would do something adventurous every month that year and it has became a way of living not just a year of adventures. Some of things I attempted were getting a tatoo and and going cross-country skiing in CO. I also quit my career of 20 years during that time, tried law school and eventually opened a coffee house. What a rush those months were! It was a year of discovery and realizing I was the only thing holding myself back. That year gave me the courage to live a more adventurous life overall. I wish you well with your journey.......

The Beauty Underground said...

...one day my dad came over to help outfixing a cabinet. My dad being the "crazy professor" type is always trying new ways to fix things. We had some new glue and a clamp and when it was done setting up, and we were ready to take that clamp off, he looked at me and said " Are we daring and unafraid?"...needless to say that quote from him strikes that same cord in me of the "be Brave" project. I am interested to try this out and make it a good habit too :)

Aine Lyons said...

I have added my badge, now I'm off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Nikki.
I added your Be Brave link to my blog, Villa Donna. I can't figure out how to put the badge on there. I'm illiterate, computer-speakwise.
I love this project! I just found it and started today.
Good on ya!
Donna (Beach Mum)

Brittany Lynn said...

I found you through an email from skirt.com and I am so glad I did. This is a great project and I'm going jump into it too! Thanks for the inspiration :)


Anonymous said...

SO GLAD to have found you/this again! I saw this about a year ago, but couldn't remember where/how. Thank GOODNESS for skirt! Two things: how can I be alerted? And how/can I put your badge in my sidebar at my blog? (it's been tooo long since I've changed anything...oy vay. E.R.'s quote always makes me think of Jane Austen. Thanks for the inspiration. ;) C.

Anonymous said...

I'm giving up the word "scared." I want to be brave, brave, brave. Thank you for brainstorming such a wonderful and helpful concept. I really need to be brave in my life right now.

Starting today, I will be BRAVE.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to have found this space. Your thoughts are inspiring. This button is an apt icon. I've put it on my blog.

Laura said...

I just put the badge on my blog and intend to work on this. I think it is a terrific idea! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I found this today: via skirt!, which I found via 37days. You re-dedicated your efforts on the birthday of my dear cousin who died 2 years ago when she was only 48. She was a brave soul, so I am thinking this is a sign.

I will do it, too; have always loved the quote, but have been too scared to have it in front of me every day!

"are we daring and unafraid?" gotta love that, too!

thank you! thank you! thank you!

Veritory said...

What a beautiful quote and concept for pushing ourselves creatively! It is _just_ what I need.. so that must be what led me to you TODAY! So glad you left it out there and didn't abandon the project idea - it does have a mind of it's own, no?

Sharon P Pope said...

I just found your challenge and I'm glad I did. The Eleanor quote is one of my favorites too, and I have it as a title for one of my journals. I want to join the challenge too and try to live life more fully and less afraid. I will be honored to place the badge on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement!

debra said...

I've linked to your page and written about the project. I'm in!!!!!!!jyv

Cindy Jones Lantier said...

I'll be bookmarking your page and coming back to your project a something to do with the first of the year. I live with generalized anxieties, so some days it's really easy to find something scary to do! Other days are better, and I feel like I can do anything. But I'll definitely be thinking about this project and how it can best serve me in the upcoming year. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement!

Joanie Hoffman said...

i'm starting today, the 1st brave thing is starting my own be brave blog. thanks for this prompt.
wish me braveness.
happy days,

Elusive D. said...


Just wanted to let you know I posted a link to the Ode cards on my "Be Brave Project" blog, which I've been keeping up since July.

All kinds of things have happened since I started BBP--I dealth with the IRS after years of running away, I moved to a great apartment, I'm working on plotting a novel. . .

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessie.

I think I've stumbled through your blog here from Weekend Wordsmith...

But anyway, I shall be linking to this project as well as there are times when I need that courage and be brave to just do things instead of second guessing myself. I thank you so much for the inspiration.

It's like you said, I'll find my own time when I'm ready to. For now, I shall be saving it onto my poetry/writing journal. Thank you for creating this project!

maitrilibellule said...

Hello! Bravo! What a wonderful thing you are doing. I will be honored to be a part of it. I am putting the widget on my blog now!

And it's easier to be brave when you know you're not alone. Many blessings and thanks to you!

Maitri Libellule, going to put the badge up right now...

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled in here right when I needed a little push...some courage.
Thank you! I'll be putting your badge on my blog and linking to your project. I'm going to "be brave!"
We can help someone else be brave.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your inspiring project; quite astonishing the impact it has clearly made on so many people. I have just added the logo to my blog.

patty said...

hello... i found your blog the other night and added your be brave button to my sidebar, just in sight, to remind me when i'm a little afraid to be brave. i'm only not brave in matters of the heart.. this is where i tend to shy away. i'm hoping your button will push me to keep doors open. thanks for the great idea.

Caffeinated Weka said...

Wow, how incredibly inspiring! I probably need to join this project (if I'm brave enough, I guess!) at this stage in my life. Whether or not I go all the way with it, I thank you for kick-starting my thinking.

Maria said...

What a wonderful post! Thank you so very much! I am going to join in, and post something brave I've done every day on my blog! Wishing us all luck that we can follow through!

I've posted your blog as a link on my blog I hope that's ok!

All the best always,

Anonymous GP said...

Hi love the idea.. I've (independently) decided to do it myself and so far its scary. admitedly of course! But also thrilling!

Best of Luck..

so true still scary but get better at spotting our own excuses to not do things :D

Scarlett said...

I just wanted to thank you for this project. I have been looking for someone out there doing something like this. It is inspirational to read about what you have done and how this has changed your life.

I am attempting your challenge...


Anonymous said...

Wow, just what I was looking for. Not just today, but for many days. Over the summer I was watching kids jump off the diving board into the pond near my house. I used to do that. When I was a kid. I wondered when I stopped. I wondered when I became so afraid.

Game on. Count me in. I will be brave.

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers said...

Hello Jessie,
Found your project on Creative Every Day and I'm committing to Be Brave! I've put your badge in my sidebar. Thank you!

Sweet said...

Hi there,

I put the badge on my blog and was armed and ready to go and just do every thing that I was afraid of. I have realized that it is the simple things that I have really been afraid of.

Thanks, I'm ready to go. Great project.

Jessie said...

Here's to great bravery! Every. Single. Day. :)

Nicole said...

I've returned to my blog after being away from it for many, many months and since December I've started being brave. I'll be writing about my bravery, I commit to being brave every 2 weeks, if not more. Blessings, Nicole x

Jessie said...

Nicole, you are not alone in your bravery. We are all here cheering you on, supporting you, and believing in you! :)

Anindita Basu said...

After 102 people , here I join. You know what the security words below the box I see? diedn!!

Any way I'll face one thing I dare each day. It'll cure my disease of procrastination too. Thanks for sharing. -Dita (with appreciation.)

BellaLunaArts said...

Thanks so much, this is just what I needed!Peace,Bridgette

Unknown said...

I know you wrote this post years ago. . . but I needed it today and am about to embark on my own journey. Thank you!

Kristie 629 said...

Thanks for sharing your own journey and encouraging so many others. I found my way to your blog today, and at the perfect time! I'm going to start doing one thing every day that scares me, starting small, and hopefully arriving at something HUGE.
All the best to you!

Sarah said...

I absolutely love this! I'm so going to do it. My blog is called 'Be Brave' and dedicated to this kind of thing, so I hope it will get me some viewers and people to try it too!

Unknown said...

I don't know if you're even blogging anymore, this was written so long ago...but I stumbled across this post today and LOVED it. Thanks so much for sharing your courageous journey. What an inspiration. You should keep wiring! People need you!