Friday, October 19, 2007

elements of bravery:

(click image to enlarge)

I spent some time this evening making friends with my pen tablet. I love this thing! Have I mentioned that I've accomplished TWENTY more pages of my thesis this week?! There's no going back now. These past several days I've felt a mental shift taking place inside of me. Kind of like taking on a strenuous physical activity, I've somehow managed to turn monkey mind off and just climb the mountain--with words, that is. The trick, I've found, is not to question myself--just keep moving forward. Just do it. Don't stop. Keep going. Trust it. Every page is nearly polished (well, hopefully), but there will be no looking back until I've made it safely through the danger zone.

“Bravery is believing in yourself,
and that thing nobody can teach you.”

~El Cordobes


Olivia said...

YAY Jessie...GOOD GOOD GOOD for YOU! Yipee...XXX O, Olivia

Melba said...

I feel your energy. You are so strong girl!

I have had my tablet mouse for almost two years but barely use it.

I love this!
I love elephants!
I love you!


megg said...

WOW - this is beautiful!! You were talking to me!! (i am afraid of the dark and I adore elephants!!) What a lovely piece! And your thesis - WELL DONE, YOU!!! YIPPEE YAHOO YES!!! WAHooooo!!! Keep going! You're rockin' now!!

P.S. sorry I've been away - nice to be back!!

Anonymous said...

Beyond thrilled for you, dearie. :) BEYOND. THRILLED! xoxo, M

The Dream said...

No more chasing your tail, obviously - you're doing it!!! Congratulations Jessie!!!

Colorsonmymind said...

That is just fabulous! You go!

This collage is very powerful. I love the placement of everything.


laundrygirl said...

You are so strong! I love the image and you just inspire me more than I can even express!

paris parfait said...

Hooray for you, Jessie! I'm so pleased for you. And that quote is absolutely right! xo

Maddie said...

Jessieeeeeeeeeeee -

i love this picture!!

can you put it on etsy so
i can buy it?

can you?


can you????