Tuesday, October 02, 2007

today feels like a fresh slate.

V. and I got up early this morning for a deluxe breakfast of homemade waffles with fresh strawberries and whipped cream--on a Tuesday morning before work even! Amazing. At the moment I have a cup of coffee on one side of me and a sleeping puppy on the other. Louis' not sure why we got up so early, but he's decided that he could use a little more sleep and has snuggled in a little closer. I have never met a dog that was such a good snuggler as this little man.

Yesterday, for my act of bravery, I sat down and wrote a cover letter and updated my resume for a prospective job. Writing the cover letter totally and absolutely stressed me out. Never mind that I have a BFA in Creative and Professional Writing. It took me almost ALL day! Note, however, that I did NOT give up. My shoulders and body were so tense by the end of it that V. did the miraculous act of suggesting waffles for breakfast--which brings us back to the first paragraph--yes, we actually did it!

And the brave act for today?... Well, today I will send the cover letter and resume out into the world and see what becomes of it. Then I'm going to tie up a few lose ends that have been floating around the universe while I've been tackling all this scariness.

Doing one thing that scares me every day reminds me of hiking in the Himalayas. Some days I felt so exhilarated. Other days I felt nothing but exhaustion. And then there were all of those beautiful moments in between when I felt such a healthy combination of both!

Right now I can't decide if I want to DO EVERYTHING or if I should just go back to bed. :)- Unfortunately, the latter is not an option. That's ok though...I am well fed, I accomplished something big yesterday, and today is a fresh start. What I have in front of me is a mystery and I look forward to seeing how it will unfold.


Kikipotamus said...

I cannot tell you how helpful this post is to me. Today I am hiding and being the polar opposite of brave. Your words do nudge me.

bella said...

How cool! My pixie dusted positive vibes are flying along with your cover letter. xo

Elizabeth said...

This bravery thing must be contagious ... you've got me tackling my demons/scary things too. Thanks Jessie... you're a star!

The Dream said...

Yum! That's it - we're having breakfast for dinner tonight. Off to the waffle iron!

Go Jessie GO!!!

Maddie said...

You went hiking in the Himalayas?

I can't even spell it - but I want to
do that too!

(with lots of Sherpas to carry me
of course and make me
homemade waffles over an open fire)

BRAVO! Jess for your brave
act - and I am going to meditate on
those letters spinning a little
starry magic for you along with
those fine qualifications and
artistic mind that just can't be found
anywhere else-
annnnnd - I took another
stranger shot today - sooo
exciting - I feel so pleased with
myself :)

V is a sweetie pie with his
waffles and whipped cream and
strawberries - a true romantic:)

Loralee Choate said...

I am completely full from dinner but now I WANT WAFFLES.

Strawberries...Whipped Cream...MMMMM...