Thursday, October 25, 2007

glass (more than) half full

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It seems I've gotten out of the habit of writing about the scary things that I'm doing every day. A funny thing is happening--that is, I'm doing all sorts of things that at one time or another I've considered scary. I usually don't even notice it until after the fact when the thought dawns on me: "oh hey, I actually did that without being intimidated by it!"

Today it was the little things that made a difference:
  • Made homemade lasagna for the very first time ever (always seemed like too many steps. lasagna? daunting? nope, guess not!)
  • Created mock up for a new website (without hesitation)
  • Drove downtown in the middle of the work day for information and price quotes on art prints
  • Worked on thesis
  • Hung out talking to my neighbor even though I had a horrendous case of bedhead
  • Figured out problems with my computer on my own.
The best part of my day though was the non-accomplishing task of taking the dogs for an extra long walk in the woods. Last year I dubbed it "Sherwood Forest." Now I remember why.


Anonymous said...

You are my inspiration, babe. Did you get my message? Tomorrow I go under the mouth...ouch! So no Sunday, but maybe you could come over? Hira and I would love to make you chai and chat. :)

Loralee Choate said...

It's amazing what we can do if we just TRY. I heart you, bedhead and all. Actually, the bedhead makes you just go up in my esteem.

deirdre said...

All those challenges add up to an amazing day.

And lasagna? yum. I've been thinking about making some myself. Instead of pasta I use strips of zuchinni - it's a good way to get in an extra serving of vegies and is really delicious too.

As for the bedhead, sometimes I force myself to go to the grocery store without makeup and with minimal hair tidying. I'm convinced no one notices. (I hope) On the other hand, if a neighbor walks by when I go out for the newspaper in the same state I'm horrified. Weird.

Maddie said...

oh I want to come over to
mardougrrls with you -
chai :)

Jessie - your new artwork is so
breathtaking - I just love staring
at the images - I enlarge them and
look at every little detail -
and I can feel your blooming
artistic heart and bravery in
every word lately -
you are so amazing -

and save some lasagna for me:)


Melba said...

I don't always think "this is my brave thing for today" to me it has been a mind set and especially helpful when I feel "oh I can't do this..." Immediately the words Be Brave are whispered to me (from you?) and I expand...


Olivia said...

It is amazing, isn't it, Jessie, how by doing the BE BRAVE for this long it just becomes integrated in our lives. I am experiencing the same thing too, distancing myself not from the fear, but from having it stop me or from having it be anything more than a little feeling I notice. And then I go ahead anyway. Good for you :)

And I understand how it feels to have bedhead and to go ahead joyfully through my day!



Tori said...

Your glass can be half empty or half long as it quenches your thirst.

laundrygirl said...

Such great inspiration!

Vedrana M. said...

wonderful, love your full glass :)
p.s. i have this feeling we should do something creative together, don't know what i just have this feeling when i think about you, xoxo

Colorsonmymind said...

The first few lines of this post just made me sigh. I love the Be Brave you have in the sidebar.

I am sad I have been absent so much I don't know what the "Be Brave" thing is. It sounds fab though.

I am smiling thinking of all the brave things you are doing. Go you!


Colorsonmymind said...

Now I remember! Or I was reminded by looking back at your posts. I sent you an email with a question about it:)