Monday, October 29, 2007

video bravery

Since the beginning of this "Be Brave" project, Olivia has been posting videos of herself and because I have absolutely loved every single one of them, I decided to post a video of my own. Yep, so here I am...completely unedited.
Good morning, everyone! :)-

that second photo from the video? not flattering. gah. can't get rid of it. please just try to ignore it. :)-


bee said...

this is such a great video. i love your expressive face, and your sweet cute good.

liz elayne said...

i am simply delighted starting my afternoon with this little moment with you.

bravo to you and your brave self!

gkgirl said...

this was a fantastic idea!
i loved it!
and i loved how i never would
have known
(unless i had the chance to
someday meet with you)
that you have such
huge, expressive eyes...


Anonymous said...

*squeal of delight* jessie!!! such a perfect little snippet of you!!

i have mail to send to you (it's been ready for a week!), and i will drop it off on's hell-week around here.

please think of me tomorrow during my proposal! i will be in touch soon!

your bravery is inspiring!

I AM said...


Baby, we love you too!

Leah said...

you are so freakin adorable!! so nice to see you in motion and hear your voice and meet your pup. great stuff.

thanks for being such a wonderful inspiration!


Olivia said...

JESSIE I LOVE YOUR VIDEO! DO MORE, DO MORE! This was so cool to see you in person.

I love your hair and your short bangs. You look like you write!!! Wondeful!

I know what you mean about those photo shots from the videos. Mine are almost always weird. To make matters worse, on my reviews, Amazon "selects" a shot they want on the front of your video, and they always select the most bizarre shots.

Well, anyway, you look great and your video was so sweet. Please do more!

I love you, too,



Maddie said...

Ok you just lit up my day -
with your adorable sweet cute as
a button video!!

you remind me of Audrey Hephburn in
looks and your personality reminds me
of Drew Barrymore in 50 first dates!!

I heart you so much - you
artistic little butterfly!

great haircut with those
Audrey bangs!!!!


we love you too!!!

laundrygirl said...

You are so cute! I loved this!
I'm your biggest fan!

Melba said...

So Cool to SEE you!!!!!

You look so sassy and cool!
We have had a video camera for about 5 years and have used it once. neither of us know how and we are just to lazy to read the manual.
You rock!!!

Amber said...

YAY!! I LOVE to see you!!! How adorable. How fun!

oxox :)

Elspeth said...

Honest and simple.

megg said...

EEEEeeeeEEEEeeeeEEEEEeeeeEEEeeee!! I LOVED THAT!!! Wow - I LOVED seeing your face! I LOVED hearing your voice!! You looked so different from what I imagined - but then you looked like I'd known you forever at the same time. Cool. Wow. Maybe you've inspired me to do a video when I post again. OH! I am going to watch it again! SO CUTE!!!

P.s. Will you send me your address? I'd like to send you something.

meg at randomly challenged dot com


Kikipotamus said...

I made my beau watch your video. "You have to see her...she's adorable." You are fresh and authentic and beautiful.

deirdre said...

After all this time reading your posts and being amazed and inspired by your posts, hearing your voice is the icing on the cake. I loved this video post!

And Louis is too cute in person. :)

Vedrana M. said...

awww, hello there :) thank you for lovely video and beautiful words!!! your be brave project inspired me, xoxo

Susannah said...

it was so lovely to see you in the flesh :-0 x

Susannah said...

that was supposed to be a SMILEY face! :-D

Anonymous said...

Now everyone will be jealous that I get to see you in person! ;)

xoxo, M

The Dream said...

WOOHOO Jessie!!!!
It's cool to meet you in such a way! You're much like I imagined you to be - sweet, smiley, and oh-so-very-hip!

Jamie said...

You shine, Jessie! You shine all the way from there to here and back again.

kj said...

gee. i wish i could reprocate. this is a treasure!