Saturday, October 06, 2007

Spirit Haven.

At the moment, I am sitting on a stool in a garden shop, melting in this unseasonably hot and humid October weather. I’m trying to think positive thoughts like: sultry, tropical, __(?)__. But it’s not working. Instead, I am daydreaming of the Arctic Circle and wondering how far north I’ll have to move in order to enjoy the coolness that autumns once were. hmmph. Oh, cool crisp autumnal air—where are you?!

Since the weather is not cooperating with my seasonal expectations, I am happy to say that, early tomorrow morning, V. and I will be packing up the car with dogs and books and warm sweaters and heading for the cooler weather of Northern Minnesota. Five whole days of nothing but relaxing in a rented little cabin along the shores of Lake Superior—our own private sanctuary to nestle ourselves in front of the fireplace, cook elaborate meals, snuggle our four-legged babies, go for long hikes along trails carpeted with the golden leaves of aspen, read, write, paint, dream, cat nap, watch sunrises, and sunsets, canoe out into the crystal expanse of a lake that feels as big as an ocean, sip wine, and generally just leave it all behind.

For the past several days I’ve been thinking about how I might continue this “Be Brave” project while away on a vacation and (gasp!) away from the internet! I love all the small changes that are taking place within me and, despite this eagerly awaited vacation, I feel the desire to stay connected to the experience of bravery on a daily basis.

So my plan is to bring my journal—to muse, contemplate, and generally write my happy little head off. Perhaps I’ll go rock climbing or take a dive into hypothermic waters or walk in the woods dressed only in stars. Who knows? ;) Or maybe I’ll ask myself a few difficult questions and expect from myself only honest answers. We’ll see. This is, after all, a vacation and adventures are always easier to find when one is removed from life’s daily-ness

The only unfortunate detail of going so very far far away into the magical woods of a world without internet, is that I won’t be able to keep up with YOUR brave experiences. However, know that I am thinking of you, that I’m sending you well-wishes, and that I am looking forward to catching up with all of you as soon as I return!

Adios, my friends! :)


Maddie said...

a journal is so organic
and maybe:)



you could take a photo of a page
and bring it back to us:)

and a photo of the fireplace -
a photo of the lake at twilight -
a photo of your coffee mug -
a photo of a new trail with
sniffing snooping dogs:)

have a wonderful time Jessie-girl;)

(and Vinny too)

Olivia said...

Have a wonderful time Jessie. It will be exciting to see what opportunities to be brave the Universe will bring you...I know they will come your will be in my thoughts,

Much Love,


Anonymous said...

your trip sounds divine, and i am so in need of a break right now. i hope you & vinny have a wonderful time, and i look forward to hearing your adventures when you return.

Elspeth said...

Sounds great!

Marie said...

I want to go! Got room for a friend? Sounds like the perfect place...enjoy, enjoy, enjoy...

Elizabeth said...

Fanatstic - I'm jealous! Have a lovely time, and we can look forward to reading all about it when you get back.
Again... jealous!

Melba said...

Be Brave has grown wings!
It is all the buzz :)
I love when something pulls us together.

Have the most wonderful time!


Endment said...

Oh - I do hope you find the rest and refreshment you need

laundrygirl said...

Can't wait to hear how it went.

The Dream said...

Hope you two are having a wonderful time away, celebrating your anniversary ... love, love, love!