Monday, October 22, 2007

paying homage to the creative forces that be.

Oy vey! It's been a few days since I last posted, but I've been busy trying to stay on track. It seems that one thing every day that scares me has been centered around completing my thesis--and this has required a fair bit o' daily devotion. Devotion, I dare say, that has even cut into my oh-so-sacred blogging time.

I haven't accomplished anything major in the past couple of days, but the important thing is that I've at least sat down with my project and have made progress on a daily basis.

There's a quote I recently came across by Kent Nerburn from Letters to my Son that I absolutely love:
If we don't offer ourselves to the unknown, our senses dull. Our world becomes small and we lose our sense of wonder. Our eyes don't lift to the horizon; our ears don't hear the sounds around us. The edge is off our experience, and we pass our days in a routine that is both comfortable and limiting. We wake up one day and find that we have lost our dreams in order to protect our days."
I found these words while traveling with Vinny up to the North Shore and thought about them again while on my writing retreat. Since I work and live in the same neighborhood and because time and money always seem to be a commodity that I don't have enough of, my world sometimes has a tendency to get much too small. I want to find the small and wondrous details in every day places. I look, but when everything becomes monotonous and tiresome...well, then I know I have a problem. A serious problem.

Getting out of my regular routine was helpful for my writing beyond measure. It has been helpful to not only my writing, but my entire sense of well being. Now that I've once again tasted worlds outside of my own, I find my dreams, once again, stretching further outward in dangerous degrees.

Vinny's been daydreaming about France. I've been daydreaming about India. We've both been daydreaming--and, my god, it feels so good! A whole new realm of images have begun to show up on my "vision board" (that is, the cork board next to my desk covered in a collage of things I want to fill my life with).

By doing one thing every day that scares me I've noticed my life beginning to crack open in directions that I never really anticipated. And, although I'm not yet able to find the language for my visions, I feel a more complete self rising to the surface. In my mind, I get glimpses of things. The more honest I am about what I want for my life, the more vivid those images become. I don't have words for a lot of it, but I strongly feel that all of it will happen if I just keep walking towards it. As I write this, I feel very much like bursting into tears. Not sad tears, but the kind that let me know when something is true.

And I know, without a doubt, that this project will continue well beyond October 31st. These changes are molecular--and backwards is not an option I feel like entertaining.

*image credit: "Hommage" by Leopoldo M. Maler 1974


megg said...

WOW Jessie, you made me shiver with anticipation for you and the next stage of your life. I am SO PROUD of you for keeping with it!

(Have you read Mary Oliver's poem 'Landscape?' I read it today for the first time & thought of you. Let me know if you haven't read it and I will send it to you!)


The Dream said...

You are such a wonderful being ... and so REAL about EVERYTHING! Man, sometimes when I read your blog it confirms how much I wish we could get togther and score some high-test java. You're so freakin' cool and definitely one of my heroes! Keep on keepin' on!

Melba said...

Can you believe I still don't have a vision board?! I have been dreaming much more vividly lately, but for some reason just have not cut out pictures on a board. i do create a collage of images in my journal, but that is mostly of what is.
I am pretty happy with my what is right now.
You are always an inspiration to me my dear.

laundrygirl said...

I can relate to this SO MUCH! I love the quote. I felt like my trip to the city this weekend recharged my batteries the way your writing retreat nourished you. I felt dull before we left and like my world was very small and rigid... Since we have gotten home I have been siting here at this desk looking at my "vision" collage and contemplating making a new one so that my expanded dreams can be added to it. I almost called you when I got home. I was so excited and knew you'd be able to rejoice with me...

Vedrana M. said...

wonderful! beautiful quote and i just love your post - made my beginning of the day nicer :) and thank you for your kind words, you also pop into my thoughts and i love it ;) xoxo

swampgirl said...

question ...
awhile back you posted about a pair of adorable shoes ... with a little heel, kinda dressy but unique. i can't remember the brand and i am desperately trying to remember. can you help?
shoeless swampgrrl

paris parfait said...

Those words are absolutely right - we must keep pushing the boundaries and moving beyond our comfort zones. As for you and V's dreams, how about if you come to France en route to India or vice versa? I'll be very glad to see you both in Paris! xo

Maddie said...


that quote - is so perfectly timely
for me - I can see how it resonated
with you.
And I completely sense how
being away has swept all this
colorful energy into your
happy little head.

I heart India! And Paris too!

Keep up your great spirit sweetie -
your brave project has already
changed my life and how I feel
about my confidence -
and it is fun to look forward
to each brave new day:)


can we see your board?



Laura B. said...

I love this passage from Kent Nerburn. I have it in a book called Simple Truths... Same book?! Anyway, isn't he amazing?!