Monday, March 27, 2006

Trying to write a paper on the MLA Style Manual

My cat wants to sit on the desk and look out the window. Should it make me nervous that, as I reached my hand down to pet her, I gently said:

"There's no really room any for you."

This disturbs me. My brain is collapsing.


tara dawn said...

I hope you don't get mad...but I'm actually laughing. Not because this is actually funny per se, but because I do this so often that it has become a language of its own for me:)
Try not to worry sweetie...your brain is not collapsing...only crying out for a release from the insanity of too much work!
Sending good, clear thoughts your way...

Jessie said...

nope, not mad. my office-mate started laughing too whan i read it to her. the laughter was good.

btw, i finished that paper--just in the nick of time. whew!

Jes said...

Hehe. It's funny when words get scrambled like that. One time I went to visit my parents and gave my dad a hug. He had a really big beard and it scratched my face. Instead of saying what I had intended I said, "Dad! Stop! Your bird is screechy!" I think I laughed for an hour. It was the first time in my life that my scrambled letters made some sense.

What I intended to post on here was an extreme thank you for what you wrote. Your words really gave me encouragement and the feelings are definitely mutual. I've thought you were awesome since that day at Tutto as well, and I have especially been envying your gorgeous hair (someday I'll have the courage to chop mine off too).

In conclusion, thank you for your kind words and harsh realities (You're wrong!). Sometimes I really need them.

I'd love it if we could hang out again soon. Are you going to the play this weekend? I was hoping to go on Saturday. If you don't have plans for another time, do you want to go? Just a thought.

Thanks again.
PS: Both your blogs are really neat.