Friday, March 31, 2006


maybe it's rained once before so far this year, but in my book, this is the first time. last night, as i sat at my desk, i had to take my headphones off because i thought i was hearing static. for a moment the blackness out my window turned into a radio tuned off-kilter. but it was the rain.
the rain.
the rain.

i love the rain. it rained all night and is still raining today. softly, softly. it pitter-patters on the bedroom roof. when i woke up i was dreaming that it was raining in the room--it was oddly pleasant.

the rain feels good. it is soothing. today i'm going to visit a long, lost friend--and that will be good too. rain hits the sidewalk and is kicked up by tires rolling by on the street. rain creates an entire symphony of sounds that winter does not know.

today feels threaded with a million intricacies. but i like the way the rain falls.


tara dawn said...

The beauty of the rain is uncomparable to any other beauty...such serenity and quietness and inner comfort it can bring. I'm glad to know that this soothing rain is accompanying you throughout your day.
Love and hugs,

Pollard said...

Love your post, but I still hate rain. Sorry.

Loralee Choate said...

Rainy, overcast days and nights cheer me down to the bottom of my soul!

megg said...

I love it too - i especially love lying in bed knowing that you don't have to get up and listening to the rain on the windows and the roof. I even love storms. I like the energy, the cleansing. sigh. nice post!

Belle said...

Nice post about the rain. You have a nice blog. I'll put it in my favorites. I like rain also.

Particularly like the post about Georgia O'keefe. I paint pictures also. I have posted some of them on my blog.

I'll be back.

Endment said...

how well you express the beauty of the rain!
I love hearing it on the roof - we had a couple of short shower bursts today and need more.

enjoy the music of the rain