Friday, March 10, 2006

Heaven: Day One of Spring Break (for me anyway)

Ok, so technically Spring Break means nothing to me considering that I will spend it up to my chin in work, but something about knowing, at the back of my mind, that we're on break adds a certain calm in my approach to the day.

On Sunday I'm headed to Chicago for 4 days to go to a buying show for the flower shop. It will be a long 12 hour ride each way but, idealistically, I'm going to get a lot of reading and planning done in the car. Then for the next several days I get to spend several thousand dollars of someone else's money. Granted, I don't get to keep the stuff I buy--but the thrill is still there. I also, hopefully, will visit The Art Institute of Chicago--which is the REAL reason I'm going. Will I even have time to go there? We'll see. I have to remind myself that I'm going there to WORK. Still, I will sneak as much play in as possible including (worst case scenario) a hot tub and good food...maybe something Cuban or Greek or Indian or French or African... oh my!

Maybe I'll even be able to sneak a peak at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago--If I'm really lucky, that is.

Anyway, besides gallivanting around the Midwest, the REAL agenda for this week is GETTING THINGS DONE!!! Including:
  • Write Rhetorical Theory Comp.
  • Write Genre Comp.
  • Plan Oscar Wilde Presentation
  • Plan class for Donovan evaluation
  • Read Lit. Crit.
If time:
  • Get started on MLA or Langston Hughs paper for Lit Crit. ok--i'm stretching the line here...I only got books from the library--but, in my opinion, that does count for something.
I'll also be working at the gallery a couple days. I can see already that I've set myself up for defeat. But who knows--it IS possible if I stay FOCUSED. Some of it, I'm actually looking forward to. I do, however, look forward to drawing lines through it. :)

Here's to Spring Break!


harmonyinline said...

Sounds like you are going to be really busy, have fun.

Loralee Choate said...

One of my friends brought me back a gift from the Art Institute of Chicago and I love it.

It's a book called, "The Misfits" by Jon Rosen. It's just weird, endearing book of little drawings and captions.

My favorite:
"Desperate for some form of rejuvenation, Lambert has installed an electrical socket in his forehead".

I thought it was also fitting to quote considering you all are on a much needed "break" of one kind or another.

Good luck getting it all done!

wanderer said...

How long are you in Chicago? Do you have time to visit?