Friday, March 24, 2006

too many options...

lately, yoshitomo nara's art "speaks to me."

v. and i just got web hosting along with our own domains. cool. now we can be in control of our own websites without relying on bsu. however, it is quickly turning into too many options. such as: what should the title of my new website be? what should it look like? do i want to switch my blog from blogger to wordpress? if so, what do i want the template to look like? do i want another e-mail account? if so, what should it be?

ok, maybe i'm over-reacting. there isn't much here to decide. maybe i'm just frustrated with the fact that i feel like my life isn't allowed to be about anything other than school. this alone makes me want to SMOKE. unfortunately, i quit 3 months ago.

really, the only option that is causing me confusion is whether or not to switch to wordpress or stay with blogger. blogger's been a pain in my ass lately. then again, i've finally gotten comfortable with using it. yes, i'm a technological idiot. and if my husband points it out to me one more time, i'm gonna lose my mind.

i've been getting antsy lately--wanting a new "look" for my blog. however, one of the dumber things i've recently done is create a second blog. i've spread myself too thin. one option is to start a 3rd blog--a hybrid of both Blue Dog and this one--and kiss the old ones goodbye. my only concern...will i lose readers? being redirected is a pain. then again, do i even have many readers?? well, i know i have some, but how long will you follow me around as i traipse about aimlessly?

perhaps, what it really boils down to is that it has more to do with wanting to physically move...and less to do with blogs. am i having underlying issues, or what? i mean, do you care enough to change the link in your sidebar? it gets lonely in cyberspace without friends. if there's no community, then what's the point?

anyway, i'll let you know when the website is up and running. until then, what's YOUR opinion on the blogging issue?

by the way, i just watched an excellent film...Bukowski: Born Into This. it reminded me of a life i once lived (minus the booze, the abuse, the women)...the life that was lived for words. oh, the purity of it all. how i miss i want it back.

tasha, i'm coming over to ask for a cigarette. don't give me one.


Loralee Choate said...

Hmmm...these are not really trivial questions in the world of blogging.

I would follow you, and I'm not related or a someone you know anywhere but here. I just like reading your stuff.

It would be a tiny bit annoying the FIRST time, and then I could just change my bookmark, Do it if you like.

As for the multiple blogs.
I have one active blog (one is a very low key one that I run with friends about our traveling gnome)
I have two other blogs that are about specific trips I have taken and they are inactive and complete.

I don't think that I (even as manic as I can be at times) could do more than ONE blog at a time.

I would move, change the template and consolidate them all, or just leave it as is.

Just my opinion, though.

Wenda said...

I'll follow you. You're worth it. Besides, it's easy for me to create a new blogroll or bloglines subscription as long as you set up a feed on the new site. And, once I get to making some changes on my sidebar, I'll set you up there, too.

I started a second blog once, but it was awkward to use and I didn't have evidence that anyone was reading it, so I dumped it after a few posts.

Good luck with all your decisions.

megg said...

hi there -

I've just come to THIS blog for the first time!! I like it - but I like Blue Dog too - tricky!! I promise I would follow you wherever you go & then I could finally add you to my list of links (i haven't before this because of Blue Dog not being a definite permanent - so it'll be easy!!) But I will definitely follow you - you ARE worth the (very slight) effort!! xo

Jessie said...

thanks for your input loralee, wenda, and megg. i promise, if i change my blog address, i'll only do it once.

tara dawn said...

You know I will follow you around the world and back:) Whether you choose to continue this blog, continue Blue Dog, or start a new one altogether...I am there, or here, or whereever, always!
Lots of love,

Froyd said...

something to remember:

there are MANY options other than just wordpress, and it's one of those things that will take looking into. I'm using greymatter right now, though sometimes it disagrees with my web server.

but take your time. these things don't need to happen overnight.

Melly n David said...

I just found you, I will follow you. I use to keep track of my favs, easy peasy. I don't like posting comments to blogger anyway. I use Movabletype, Just last week I changed the CSS page to give my blog a new look. It was so easy to do, I wondered why I hadn't done it sooner.

Dana said...

I framed 20 Yoshitomo Nara postcards, and they hang in the entry to my home. Each day, when I leave for work, I point to one of the cards and tell my husband that's the one I feel like that day.

I usually feel like a sleepy one or a grumpy one.