Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dear Blog,

The last time I wrote here was Saturday--and now--it is already Tuesday. I have neglected you and, for this, I am sorry. Lately I find myself filled with thoughts--one after another after another after another. I cannot keep up with them. However, since I can't seem to wrap my head around any one specific thought at the moment, I will instead write a list.

Last night I only got a few hours of sleep--so here's the deal...I'm going to take a nap.
And when I wake up I'm going to:
  • Get started with R.T. essay
  • Write artist statement
  • E-mail images of paintings to R2AC
  • Grade exercises
  • Plan class
  • Read NYT Review on Indian authors
  • Make book list and e-mail N.--including thank you
  • After trying unsuccessfully to learn how to cross things out on my own, call Tasha and ask her.
And adding to the list (for maximum sense of accomplishment):
  • E-mail Donovan
  • Do laundry
  • Check MNPals for Indian authors
  • Order book by Nair and Divakavuni

My motivation for making this list is that, for some reason, it seems to soothe any impending anxiety. My motivation for completing this list is to learn how to draw a line through it on blogger.

(ps. please never mind me. this post shouldn't be made public...it's just that, it seems, I've forgotten how to use pen and paper.)


Amber said...

I also find making lists (and especially publishing them) to be very soothing. And I hope that when you learn how to draw a line through the items on your list, you will pass the knowledge on to me. (I've been wondering.)

tara dawn said...

i actually really like this published list...it motivates me to make my own list, so that i may cross off things and feel a sense of accomplishment. thanks for the inspiration, and let me know about some good Indian authors...I'm interested in new reading material (as always).
Hope you are well. Thinking of you and your beautiful snow, and sending lots of love!

Jessie said...

tara: good luck with your list making! i love drawing lines through things. i feel like i'm gettin' somewhere! as for good indian authors...have you ever read Jhumpa Lahiri (The Namesake...and Interpreter of Maladies) or Manil Suri (The Death of Vishnu)? their my latest favorites. lots of love back to ya!