Monday, March 20, 2006

non-Oscar Wilde presentation thoughts...

Lately, it seems, I have very little time for blogging. This is unfortunate because I actually feel like writing. This is typical of me--I finally get going good on one thing and then find myself excited about something else. I think it's the high of actually producing, a creative rush that makes me feel like I'm on fire in a million different directions. Thoughts and ideas rarely space themselves out evenly, instead they come all at once. But this is starting to sound rather bi-polar isn't it? I prefer to blame in on life as a grad student. I don't ever remember my life being so black or white, so on or off, before. Needless to say, at the moment I'm feeling "ON"... and I can live with that.

But the reason for this post was to link to my other blog where I wrote about my trip to Chicago. It is brief and badly written, but alas, I am beginning to realize that I may never have time to write about it better--not in the near future anyway. The part about the Girodet Exhibition though--reminder to self: write about that.

For now: back to work.

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