Friday, January 21, 2005

Where is the time going?

Ouch. No time to blog. I feel bad for neglecting words. This is going to be a busy semester. I can feel it in my bones... my heavy, tired bones. I feel like I've been spinning, stopped, and then got dizzy. But it is all good. I like my classes. I like my students. It's just a matter of getting settled into this strange schedule. I leave home at 6:30am and don't get back until 10pm. My dog is sad and misses me. I've been living in my office and in between classes have been spending time at my dad's or the studio. My existence has been spread thin lately. I'm here, I'm there... but never really anywhere.

Ahhh-- but the snow falls. Eventually I will settle into a groove. For some reason this semester seems more exciting than the last. Maybe it is the lack of sleep that makes my heart flutter.

I think I'm going to start doing yoga again. I miss it. Feeling the need to come back down to earth. Yes, like a snowflake... softly.

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