Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Don't flood the gardens!

"Don't run the water until Thursday. You'll flood the gardens in the P13 district."

That's what the large woodchuck like animal said in my dream last night before he fled for cover from the dogs below ground. The dogs where digging up gopher holes because the gophers were making a mess of the yard. I was going to flood them out. But there is a whole civilization below ground that this woodchuck type creature came to warn me about. There are districts, streets, gardens, whole communities. And while the gophers might be making a mess of things, there are others to consider. He spoke in clear English. Looked me straight in the eye. We would have talked more, but Abe was biting at the earth this animal had disappeared into. He sent messages on biscuits. Urgent messages asking me to wait until Thursday. They'd be prepared by then.

Is this what happens when I let my mind relax from studies? Yes, it gets more and more interesting every night. Maybe it's a good thing my blog was lost yesterday. Readers will begin to know the true workings of my mind. I do love dreams though. Always something interesting.

When I was a kid I truly believed that there was an underground world-- just below the bridge that goes over the railroad tracks into Wilton. It was always sunny down there. I never visited, but I would have liked to. There was sun down in the tunnels to. Enough sun for lush gardens, well kept with fuscia and yellow flowers. When I was a kid there were other worlds beyond the back of my closet, in the woods, and on my bookshelf. These days I only notice these places in my sleep.
A very strange place my mind is, yes, indeed.

And today is the last day of break. It has been nice. I could go back to sleep. Not sure what to do next, or first, or to save for last. It's a bottle-neck-- everything I want to do on this last day. Can't it last for just a little bit longer?

It's probably a good thing that I have a job and things to do. Just imagine what I'd be like if my mind was left free to roam. ha! I'd probably be a great artist by now. ok... I'm just kidding. Now I'm daydreaming. I was thinking when I woke up though... that this hedgehog/woodchuck creature could be a children's story. Two summers ago Vinny and I talked about creating a children's book together. He was going to write it, and I was going to illustrate it. The story he came up with was something about anarchy in the garden. The tomatoes got out of hand. There was mutiny. I'm sure something bad would have happened with the string beans and the cucumbers. Anyway, it never became of anything... I'm sure you can see why. And the funny thing is that, yes, life is as strange as the things we make up. Everything is based on a reality within us-- even if we won't admit it.

Anyway, I liked that fat, slothy creature. There was a wiseness about him. It was in his eyes.

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