Sunday, January 02, 2005

It's a good thing for...

New Year's resolutions. What kind of pathetic shlumps would we be without them? I haven't been inspired myself... until I looked in the mirror. But really, I haven't made a New Year's resolution in 8 years. Because that is when I started making a list of what I ACCOMPLISHED in the past year, rather than a list of things I wish I could change. I like to consider it a positive approach to list making. Unfortunately, this year my list is very short. The first time I did it, it was three pages long. This year:
1. I taught writing, my life-long dream, for the first time-- and loved it!
2. I had my first solo painting exhibition-- and made my life that much more confusing with realizing a second love in life.
3. I survived the hardest semester of college I have ever experienced (barely).
4. I started blogging (lame).
5. I celebrated my first wedding anniversary-- and am still 100% in love.
6. I quit a job that I've hated for 8+ years.
7. um... this is where it gets depressing-- I can't think of anything else.

Ok... so this year I can't boast any world travels or grand adventures. But there are a few things I've waited most of my life for... that happened this year. I can't complain. When I was in high school, a teacher had us write 100 things that we wanted to accomplish in life. I've looked back at that list since. The amazing thing is that I have done almost every single thing on it. From planting a garden, to building a house, to traveling to India, to finding true love, to teaching writing. Yes, life has been good. It has been full and exciting. One of the only things left to do on that list is to write a book. What then? I suppose I will have to write another 100 things to accomplish. Dang-- I can only hope for a long life. I am thinking of my great-grandma... she lived to be 105. When she got old she always said that the reason she was still alive was because she had everything she wanted in life. She lived to be that old because she was happy. I'm glad she was such a big part of my life. She taught me a lot. My grandma (her daughter) is the same way. I can only hope I inherited some of their genes... and their outlook on life.

And anyway, in terms of New Year's resolutions... here's one I like a lot. Yep, another positive approach. The only thing I need for a list like that... is cable. :)

but since I don't... back to Virginia Woolf. I'm in love with a character. Her name is Lily.

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