Tuesday, January 04, 2005

birch trees and travel dreams...

oh yeah... I forgot. In 2004, I also graduated. How could I forget? 2 degrees that get me nowhere on their own. Well, add that as #8. But today I don't really care about accomplishments. I would rather lay in bed and read. It's cold, cold, cold outside. My mature friends (and husband) are reluctant to go sledding with me. Come on people. I have a sled. haha!

ok... but today I am going to buckle down and get some class planning done. Last night I began reading the text I chose for my class-- a collection of travel essays. This could be dangerous. I felt myself getting restless and excited to go somewhere. Yesterday I sat in my studio reading about an artist grant that I would like to apply for to travel back to India. I was completely present in my dreaming state of mind. Yes, this is the danger. Because, for now, I am not going anywhere. But maybe after I graduate (again). I am thinking of taking a year off of school before I go for ANOTHER degree-- and taking that trip. I found another grant, offered by the Jerome Foundation that offers big bucks for traveling artists. Although, I'm sure it is much more competitive. R2AC, our local arts supporter, offers grants of $1,000. That would buy more than half the plane ticket. How nice. I want to go back to take more photographs-- of people. I am in love with painting people. There is an energy, an aliveness that does not exist in other subjects. I've been trying to think of ways to bring painting and writing together. Of ways, to meld my life together. It seems easy and obvious to me, but the world outside of myself likes things neatly compartmentalized and planned out. The balance easily is tipped out of proportion. Ah well, why do I care? I do what I do what I do what I do.

But today I need to pull back the reins on my dreamy little head and do some planning for next semester. Why do I all of a sudden feel so sleepy? I am reluctant to leave my shell of vacationhood.

The birch trees shine with cold. I tell myself to stay present. Maybe I'll drink some tea, light a fire. To be honest, I don't want to go anywhere today. It's a good day just to read about travel. And to come up with some writing assignments that I am excited enough about to do myself.

I am a geek a geek a geek. Good morning everyone!

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