Friday, January 14, 2005

Reveling in a 6 hour nap...

What more can I say?

I think I just slept off whatever it was that was trying to take hold of me. Yesterday I survived a 12 hour day at school complete witih 2 migraines and way-too--cold weather. I felt miserable.

Today began once again in darkness and a headache, but then an excellent class. I'm looking forward to working with this group. I wonder if I will always be this amazed by students. I hope so. Wow-ed by not only their writing, but thier insight and willingness to step outside of themselves. I came home feeling good... in time for breakfast even! Hey, that never happens. Then 2 pages of Virginia Woolf in bed before the sunshine put me to sleep. The book dropped and bang, I was out. Didn't wake up until supper. I needed that. Feeling confident that whatever sickness was manifesting itself has been defeated.

And now... maybe I'll do some writing. Some good old-fashioned fiction writing. Oh glory-- it's not rhetoric! :)

But wait. I have to admit something. I learned something in rhetoric. I learned about Peter Elbow. I was listening to myself talk in class today... and I heard his influence in the things I was saying. Thank you Elbow. It might have even been worth the pain and suffering just to learn about you.

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