Sunday, January 09, 2005


softly silently

with a sense
of weightlessness

lost in dreams of lastnight. i think i will convert to the religion of snow. to float gently. to fall from stars. i have been sleeping for a hundred million years. my shape, an abstractrion. spirit traveling far in the night for a conversation. a sacramental landscape. friendship. i drift on...
a moment of reprieve held gently
in a moment. so innocent, harmless. with the ability to change everything.

the snow falls. on heavy eyelids. wrapped in comfort.


Jonathan said...

Hey. Do you know when we're meeting next for pedagogy? Are we starting tomorrow (Tuesday) or next Tuesday?

Jessie said...

i thought we were meeting on thursdays this semester. 10-11:30. please not tuesday! i am not available. tuesdays i slip off the face of the earth.

Jonathan said...

Oh, Thursday? Okay. Sounds good. :-)

I forgot.