Thursday, January 27, 2005

I should be planning class...

...but instead I am sitting in my office with the lights a low amber color listening Hans Christian's Capricorn Child and Ichi's Tilopa (a mix of east Indian, cross genre music). I feel warm and with no desire to be a part of the bright coldness of the outside world. The scent of Earl Grey tea softening the edges of file cabinets, desks, and tense, tired muscles.

My mind wanders on the rythme of the music. Like a wave, a magic carpet.

I met three women today. They were in the lounge.
One was named Cynical
One was named Ambiguous
When the third walked in Cynical and Ambiguous turned to her and asked, "And who are you?" She held out her hand to Cynical and replied, "Well, hello. I'm Restless."

Foggy walked away laughing to drink her tea.

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