Friday, January 28, 2005

Another dark morning...

...and I am one of the first souls in the halls of H-S. My coffee tastes stronger, darker than usual. Hmmmm. Listening to Indian music once again. I could listen forever and never tire of it. Realizing that my mind works better when I let it relax. Been agonizing over how to keep my class going strong, but when I finally let go of trying to figure it out things started falling into place. Quick--write it down before it goes away. Strange-- it feels like an honest to god writing class. Like the kind I'm used to and have been missing. I'm thankful to have such an incredible class. I've been waiting my whole life for this. Thankful also for the fellow GA's and professors that I work alongside. This could be lonely without them. Conversations yesterday were good.

I heard on the radio that there are foreign films played every Sunday at the Reif Center in Grand Rapids--for free. This Sunday is a film called "The Center of the World" (or something like that). A Brazilian film. I'd like to go to it. I'll tell my students about it too. I wish I had more time. Maybe I should go anyway.

The sun began its ascent 2 minutes ago. And now... it is time for class.

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