Friday, January 28, 2005

For the weekend:

  • Respond and grade 13 papers (the first half).
  • Read 70 pages of Virginia Woolf (plus make a few notes to refresh my memory on everything I already read).
  • Then figure out what the hell she means by "blue" and "green" (a worthwhile endeavor). What are these fascinations of hers?
  • Then write a 500 word essay explaining it.
  • Plan class for next week including writing up the next essay assignment, library exercise and voice/style/persona exercise (this could take some time).

Stop there. That is more than enough. Will bulleted lists help me to accomplish more than I did today? Why do I constantly have to remind myself that it is impossible and unhealthy to be working on things 24 hours a day?

Wanna hear my theory on Blue & Green? Would you ever guess that it is actually very simple? Nice words to describe the simplest things. Virginia Woolf-- you "rock". (that's a hint).

Yeah-- so back to my list.

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