Saturday, September 02, 2006

saturday reasons for happiness.

I'm ready for a change of seasons, but the Saturday Market makes me wish it could stay summer forever.

Fresh flowers from my husband.
Red, red tomatoes, ripe and juicy and full of flavor.
Plump, deep purple eggplant.
Fresh green beans that crunch with wonderful, watery green flavor in my mouth.
Breakfast on the steps of the Guthrie listening to music and the babble of babies nearby.
Urban scenery. Architecture both old and new...a feast for my eyes.
Smell of fresh baked bread.
Coming home and thinking about how glad I am to be here.
Neighbor coming to her window to talk while I brush wolfie at the side door.
Quiet Saturday streets.
Making me even more glad to be here.
The flowers now in a lime green vase in the middle of the table.
Veggies in a pile on the counter.
Cup of coffee and writing time.

The goodness of summer on Saturdays is this.


Amber said...

Those flowers are gorgeous. I wish we could have flowers (or any plants at all), but the cats always eat them. And right now, we can't afford them either. No matter how cheap they are. We want to start going to a farmer's market, but my continued joblessness is forcing us to subsist mostly on hamburger helper, frozen pizza, and ramens. I guess we'll just appreciate all the goodness of city life that much more when we can finally afford it.

beansprout said...

Beautiful! All great things to be happy on this Saturday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Be well.

paris parfait said...

Gorgeous flowers (thoughtful husband). How lovely to have such a great market nearby. Terrific photos of a fun time.

Anonymous said...

lovely post...

swampgrrl said...

hey grrl...what a divine day you had. i love to hear that you feel good about where you are! i can picture you in your