Thursday, September 07, 2006

interview with corporate whoreville.

there. i've deleted this post because it's served its purpose. i needed to write about it. it helped me to get it out of my system and make sense of my own thoughts (and this is what i love about writing). and, just so you know, i appreciate your responses (very, very, very much). i have been invited to a second round of interviews. i'm going to go just for the practice of interviewing and to find out how much the job actually pays (curiosity killed the cat?). however, since it is a "conflict of interest" to work at the job i already have and love dearly, i'm not going to take the position. happiness is more important to me than money. things will work out. i know they will. they always do.

thank you Universe, in advance.


melba said...

I know it probably seems easy for me to say, but don't start a job you don't feel good about. You know you know always ALWAYS shows up when you take that leap of faith. Just think of where you live...I remember (but not exact details) of how you came to live where you wrote about just having faith and it all worked out!!!
I was in a soulless job for a long time and I was too scared to do anything about it. But then the Divine Spirit said enough! We will make you transform your life!!! and poof I was pregnant with Ethan which led to a series of changes that brought me here to you today!!!


Jessie said...

melba, a while back you left a comment about working for corporate america. not that all corporations require you to act like a robot, were right.

Colorsonmymind said...

Oh don't take it. Trust your gut. I am sure you will find a better one.

I would not think less of you....I just hope you hold out for something better.

Kristine said...

Interviews do go both ways. If the interview made you think you were in hell, then maybe this isn't it. As hard as it is, hang in there. I know the right job will come along. Again, trust your gut!
I love that last remark by the way...

Endment said...

Some years ago, I took a job that was the job from *** It took my self-worth, my health and my courage... I believe I did a good job but I would never, never, never do it again

swampgrrl said...

shit, woman.
don't whore yourself out for cash!!!
i've done enough of that until i
landed on being a therapist for sexually
abused/sexually assaulted boys, girls,
men and women. i go home and i feel good about helping them.

take a deep breath. look back in the
classifieds. do what you did for your
magic pants job....feel it out.

just my swampy 2 cents, but i think
that your whole self is telling you
to pass on this job.

Amber said...

Wow. This sounds exactly like the way I felt yesterday. That thought, "If I can't stand being here right now, what's it going to be like to be here 40 hours a week?" kept spinning through my head. Unfortunately, I don't have much advice to give. I'm so desperate for money that I'm accepting the crappy job but telling them that I can't start until late next week--after I've had an interview (and hopefully a job offer) somewhere else. I'm hoping I can quit before I start.

The one nugget of wisdom I can pass on is from my dad: he told me not to take a job I hate unless I'm desperate. Are you desperate yet?

paris parfait said...

At least going on interviews like that reinforces the notion of what you don't want to do. There have been times in my life when I had to do jobs I hated, just to pay the bills. But I survived them by doing what I loved on the side. I hope you won't need to accept a position at a place where you don't feel comfortable - but perhaps you'll find the people you'd work with are much nicer than the ones who interviewed you? If I were in your shoes, I'd try to suspend judgment until I have more information. I worked for one big corporation which turned out to be an amazing experience. So not all corporate experience is bad. Just wait and see - and follow your instincts. Above all us, listen to your heart. xo

Lucia said...

Be careful of Corporate Whoreville. First it sucks your creativity and then your soul.

kj said...

jessie, i've been a consultant for american corporations for a number of years. i've always been lucky to be self employed and seen as an adviser/expert, so i've done ok.
BUT i don't recommend you take this particular job ever without asking for a second interview. if there are reasons for you to consider the offer, tell them you want to meet again to be sure it's a good fit for both. then see how it goes. be yourself. if you have the same feeling again, run.

byw, i've found that kindred souls find and recognize oneanother in the halls of corporate america. i've always thought of it as an underground railroad where good people inflitrate for the good. otherwise, the ##$@ world would be run by total jerks.

hope this is helpful in some way.

ps i'd love to know what the job was/is..... :)

liz elayne said...

i love the line about playing hero in your own story. i vote that you take that job my dear...your own hero.

thinking about you. hoping what you want to happen is what does. and that you are true to who you are and who you want to be.


bee said...

i don't have any advice or hearty words of wisdom. but i have complete faith in you that you will make the right decision for yourself. and breathe a bit deeper than normal if it gets scary.

Anonymous said...

at the risk of sounding cliche -- i say, trust your gut..

Jamie said...

Congratulations on taking a stand for yourself. Trust your spirit. Believe that there are places you can be that will feed your soul and your pocketbook. Here's to your happiness - cheers!

sophie said...

i have always chosen happiness
over money...
and it has never failed to
delight me:)

megg said...

I'm in the same place - I am being pushed to apply for a job... but I need to write... do what feels RIGHT!

P.S. I wish I had read that deleted post - sounded juicy!