Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Let the work begin

"I shall live badly if I do not write, and I shall write badly if I do not live."
~ Francoise Sagan.

At the moment I am home alone listening to the music of Susana Baca and other gifted women of the world. Her sexy, fleshy, bird-like voice slips through the window, past green leaves and flowers, and into a perfect combination of sun and cool blue sky. I've spent the morning picking up the house, sewing Asian silk patches into my 5 year old niece's jeans, making lunch, doing laundry, and generally feeling like I'm falling behind myself.



I started writing this earlier today and got distracted. What does that say about me? hmmm...I don't know except that, believe or not, my life is starting to feel like it holds the potential to find order in the haphazardness of my days. I'm looking forward to the notion of making
work time
family time
play time
writing time
art time.

Anyway, I have a thesis to write. Maybe it's just the coolness of fall in the air, but I'm finding myself ready to make a plan and have more focused purpose in my life. Getting settled has been full of excitement and stress and newness...but now I'm ready to get down to work. The best part is the sense of relief I feel to have finally arrived at this state of mind.


melba said...

I was shocked when I came here. A new you!!!
I love it. I love pink and brown. It is hot right now. I just bought my daughter fall clothes and they are ALL pink and brown.

I am SO glad you like your new job.

The word linear is on my mind lately. and I like how I can follow your blog. It is your life. I knew you would write about your first day of work so I found myself thinking about you, "oh, I wonder how Jessie likes her new job" I like how I can think of you in concrete terms. Does that make sense?


paris parfait said...

Lovely post; it's so wonderful how things are working out and you're enjoying your life filled with new possibilities.

Colorsonmymind said...

I love the new look it is soothing and feminine and perfect for these new feelings.

Fall seems to give some of this to me also.

It all sounds good:)

Love to you

Anonymous said...

so glad you're finding some of that motivation for thesis-writing....send some over my way, would ya?! ;)

Tammy said...

Thesis time...good luck :)


Endment said...

Had to simply stop and jot the quote down...
Isn't it wonderful to experience the joy and excitement of new things yet discover you are ready to "get down to work?"

Belle said...

Hi Jessie,

I just got caught up on your postings and had a good time reading everything. Nice.

You are so lucky to have a techy husband who can make such a unique blog. Wow.

Glad things are working out for you.

Anonymous said...

I love the new blog--it's beautiful! Perfect for all of the changes in your life. :)

kj said...

jessie, i think fall turns us into little squirrels readying to hunker down for both the industry and quiet of winter.

you really are a good writer.....

liz elayne said...

i love the new look!! it brought a smile to my face. brown and pink is really my favorite color combo.

and you seem so excited about your new job. love this!

sorry i haven't been around in a while...but know that i am thinking about you.

kerry said...

your blog is so pretty! and i just wanted to say that i hope the fall air continues to plant the feeling of renewed ambition or refresh you even more. just reading your post made that air feel a little contagious :-)

gkgirl said...

awesome looking new look!!!
i love love love it.
very cool colors,

and for me there it something
about september
that speaks of resolutions
and goals and moving forward.

and good luck on that thesis