Saturday, September 16, 2006

survived the day, just barely.

i was a couple minutes late for work today because there was a DOG traffic jam along the way. oh my! i forgot that it was doggie day in the neighborhood where i work. what does that mean? it means absolute, pure cHaOs. it means that there was a dog-friendly scavenger hunt and that the bookstore was on the list of stops. and what does that mean?... well, that means dogs were welcome to come in the store and, my god, you should've seen it! there were PLENTY of them wandering around looking at books (and clues for the hunt) along with the rest of the big and little people. our clue was written on a golden bone that we put in the mouth of the stuffed boar that hangs on the back wall. the funny thing is that i never even noticed the mounted boar head until today. hmmm...interesting.

ugh...of all the days to be sick. i did, however, meet a very memorable german shepard and a collie (not to mention a baby in hot pink and blue tights and a little girl with a bobbed haircut, corduroy skirt, and a book under her arm) that i wish i could have brought home with me. but...uh...never mind........

right now i think it's definitely time for bed. last night i dreamt about dinosaurs (they came out of a book causing me to sit bolt upright and make some sort of strange ahhhhh! sound that definately woke me up); the night before that there was a blizzard where i stood outside in a halo of light feeling the wet snow on my face. i wonder what it will be tonight. every breathing moment is starting to feel like some sort of bizarre adventure. or maybe it's the fever. either way, i feel like i've fallen into the rabbit hole.

good night.


tara dawn said...

So sorry to hear you're sick my dear friend...I had it last week, and I hope that you can get lots of rest and heal that body quickly! I am sending lots of well wishes and lots and lots of love to you!

Elizabeth said...

Doggie Day! That's got to be the most adorable thing I've heard all year!! I hope you felt well enough to get a good dose of adorableness out of it!

sophie said...

If i lived nearby i would pop
by with my homemade amazing
miso soup -
and mint tea.

And chocolate covered cranberries.

And a book of poetry.

But you can just IMAGINE all of
this because you have a
wonderful mind and can do so.

I am going to peek down that
rabbit hole.


Jessie said...

sophie, miso soup and mint tea down here in the rabbit hole would definately taste wonderful...and chocolate covered cranberries and poetry...heaven!

elizabeth, the dogs were actually the easiest part of the day. it was the people that tired me out! :)-

td, thank you my dear. actually i'm starting to feel better (what day is it?). thanks for you thoughts and love!

bee said...

i love the idea of every day of yours becoming a better and weirder adventure. i'm also happy you're feeling well.