Sunday, September 10, 2006

lost in my own thoughts.

my. where did the time go? i've been reading. and working. and reading. it's cold and i wore a turtle neck sweater for the first time this fall. the quiet has made it easier to listen to my heart and to others. it feels good.

today i found this quote on a card:
"be yourself; everyone else is already taken." ~oscar wilde

i bought eat, pray, love by elizabeth gilbert at a bookstore today. i've read more children's books in the past week than i did during my entire childhood. half of them make me cry. life has returned to center. and i hope it remains that way for just a little bit longer.


Anonymous said...

eat, pray, love is divine...

paris parfait said...

That book really resonated with me. Thanks for sharing the Wilde quote. Your prose is beautiful. xo

Gary said...

What a fine blog. Yes, Oscar Wilde nailed it.

I just made a list of children's books I think I need to read (from the Globe and Mail book section). These days, anything true and simple seems to affect me.

Loralee Choate said...

Do you know what is funny? On your blog I feel like I should use my quiet "Library Voice".

I think that should make you feel darn proud.


melba said...

I don't think anyone read to me as a child. I have one memory of a book being read and it was Grimms fairy tales by a babysitter.

I love reading to ethan and Maggie. I love getting to get in touch with (and partly heal) my inner child.
It is freezing in my house. I love it!

kj said...

i love the thought of using my/your quiet library voice!

you've now recommended two books i will be on the lookout for.

ps my opinion is you deserve happiness, wealth and abundance in whatever form suits you. !!