Thursday, September 21, 2006

found artist: Faustina Black

This is a little piece of beauty that I found this morning and wanted to share. Turn on the volume of your computer and take a moment to, like she asks, sit back, relax, and enjoy. There are times that, through the art of others, I am reminded of just how beautiful this place that we live in and move through really is. And it always amazes me the way each individual sees the world a little bit differently. I wish we all had internal cameras to capture the things we see and experience in this way
...or maybe we do.
and perhaps that is why we recognize beauty when we see it.


faustina said...

I am flattered. Thank you very much :)

kj said...

i hate to sound hokey, but i thank whoever every day that i SEE.

sophie said...

I was delighted with this-
in particular the beach with
the pails (loved the angle)
and the vivid green hue of
the pine needles.