Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dear Friends,

I feel like I've fallen off of Planet Blogger. Where do the days go? And why is it that whenever I have an interesting thought, my fingers are so very far away from a keyboard or even a piece of paper?

I've been neglecting my own blog and have been missing out on many of yours these past days, but I'm still here. Even though I woke up from a dream this morning thinking that I was Flat Stanley, yes, I'm here (the bookstore is warping my mind in such interesting ways!).

Right now I need to walk wolfie (whose fur I wish I could just snuggle up into because I miss her, too) and then off to the magical world of Rumpus. I MISS ALL OF YOU, MY BLOGGING FRIENDS! I wish we could get together tonight over a bottle of wine or a big fat mocha. All of us. Wouldn't that be nice?



beansprout said...

It would be more than nice! Wish we could do it. I've been feeling a little like Flat Beansprout these days. Be well. Enjoy the day. Any word on the job working with animals?

kj said...

jessie, as a new blogger, i wonder what changes and what stays the same if/when blog-friends meet in person. it's fascinating.

reminds me of my dog friends a few years back: we met at the same time every day. while our dogs played we shared all the tidbits of ourselves and our world opinions. we only knew our first names, and were at first startled in the rare instances when we met eachother outside of that context.

Tammy said...

Sounds lovely :) I had to giggle at the doggie scavenger hunt :)

sophie said...

I should post Noah's flat Stanley-
or er um...flat Noah...

he ended up in
Black SEa

Coool !!
And it came back with beautiful
hand sketched art and
photos and
money and poetry and
excerpts from Russian Literature.

Have a great day Jessie:)

paris parfait said...

Ah, yes a bottle of wine shared with friends! Wonderful! We miss you too, Jessie! It's a busy time at the moment and struggling to find time to encompass everything, including blogging and reading other blogs, can prove a challenge for us all.

melba said...

Hi. I am here and hear you you!

Last year my niece (5) read flat stanley and sent me one she made and I had to keep him for a week and write all the stuff he did with me. It was so cute and then I had to send it to her school. She was so excited. She still keeps him and the little book I made for her class on her bedside table.

deirdre said...

After having met some of the Portland bloggies, I want to meet more of my new tribe. I'd love have an evening to chat and drink wine or mocha. Maybe both. ;)

Kristine said...

"why is it that whenever I have an interesting thought, my fingers are so very far away from a keyboard or even a piece of paper?"
I've asked myself that alot lately...
Hopefully one day we will meet. Meanwhile, I have loved etting to know you!

HoBess said...

OK, you're so getting my son's Flat Stanley project! The second grade does it every year at our school. As for falling off blogger ... it's completely understandable, so enjoy that crisp autumn air and that beautiful cup you photographed and we'll be in and out ... just like friends who get to live closer to each other :) Looking forward to that meeting someday. --HB