Sunday, July 16, 2006

I spent a long time today...


And luckily I have a good excuse to do so because otherwise I'm pretty positive I'd let moving get in the way of all the good things in life. You see, someone asked me to do a painting. Although the details must remain secret for secret reasons, let me just say that I'm glad _______ asked me to do this because it has forced me, on numerous occasions, to go to my studio and paint. Other things could have gotten in the way, but today I spent several hours absorbed by color and was amazed by how relaxed it instantly made me feel. Music, paint fumes, coffee, a nice even light... can you say heaven? Stress and lists of things to do vanished into thin air. It felt good to be perfectly in my skin with a still mind once again. Painting is good medicine.

I think that sometimes we just need a good excuse (and sometimes a little kick in the butt) to remind us of what makes us feel good. Thank you ______. If you only knew how much I am enjoying this. :)

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tara dawn said...

Thank you! So very, very much! I only wish I was there...
So much love to you my soul sister,