Wednesday, July 26, 2006

2 days and counting...


Last night I went out. Maybe I shouldn't have done that, except that a whole handful of good friends from high school were in town. We. Had. Fun.

Now my head hurts. But I love my friends. We don't see each other often, but when we do, there's an easiness that makes it feel as though we've never missed a beat.

(from left to right) Jake, me Luke, and Jess.
I hadn't seen Jake in more than 8 years!!

Jake, Luke, Tara, and me. *Luke has a licking problem.

Jake, Luke, and Tara--awwww--aren't they cute?!.

And my very best friend in the world, Jess, and her boyfriend, Saul.

Ok, now my head hurts. But it was definitely worth it. Last night I remembered just how good it feels to be surrounded by friends that I feel truly comfortable with. We've all known each other a long, long time and I'm glad I still have them in my life--because they've grown up to be some ridiculously incredible people.

Yes, it's true--I love my friends--very, very much.


Loralee Choate said...

Friends are extrememly important. I am really glad that you got to see them all, even if your head does hurt today! Feel better

Kristine said...

Glad you had fun last night! You have been working hard to prepare for your move. You needed a good time and after all, friends are so special and important!

Tammy said...

LOL You look like you are really hurting Jessie. See what we do for love?

Bloody Mary with a hint of vodka :)

Dana said...

You look pretty tired in that photo. But aren't you all so cute together? I'd say it was worth it.

kerry said...

hi.. i just found myself at your blog tonight through various links and wanted to say that i love so many of your posts! i really found myself nodding in agreement and a level of connection about your attempts to counteract negative energy with the positive...the tension of schedules...intentions for reading... even the quotes you shared by sabrina ward harrison and natalie goldberg were so great to be brought back to again. im excited to have found your blog and to read it a lot more often!

erin said...

2 days! yikes. the whole month slipped by me. i'm glad you're hanging in there and getting to see friends - hope the move goes smoothly!

paris parfait said...

Glad you had fun with some good friends! A nice break before the big move!

Hannah said...


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