Sunday, January 01, 2006

First Day of 2006

Relatively uneventful. Slept in late (between early morning phone calls). Babied a rather hung-over husband. Took a nice long shower. Mom came over for coffee and lunch. Took down the Christmas tree. Talked to half my family on the phone. Took a couple walks. Cleaned and rearranged the living room. Did a load of laundry in my brand new washing machine (ooh-how exciting!). Ate and excellent supper (something Italian that I've already forgotten how to pronounce). Relaxed in the "new" living room with candles. Watched a little TV. Cleaned out my van for the first time since we moved (inside and out--it needed it!). Stopped by my dad's for a visit.

And now it's time for desert and a mocha.

I thought I might start planning my class for spring or write today--yeah right. Welcome to 2006.
But let me not get glum... there's always espresso.

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