Sunday, January 29, 2006

Self-inflicted deprivation... (updated, more specific, version)

Dear friends,
I'm cutting myself off from reading blogs for a week. Actually, I'm cutting out all unnecessary reading (and definitely the tv!). I'll miss reading all of your blogs...but oy--I find that I waste incredible amounts of time on the internet. (side note: I do not consider reading blogs a waste of time because I read some really incredible and inspiring blogs--but I am easily distracted and would rather read about all of you than do my own work. If there is one thing I want out of life right now it is to GRADUATE. Sometimes I am afraid to admit to myself just how much work that will involve. I hide behind a lot of things. I am hoping that cutting out a few distractions will help me to face myself and the things I need to accomplish. To be honest, I am scared shitless that I don't have it in me, but maybe that's another story.)

While I was in India I did a 10 day Vipassana (silent meditation). We were not allowed to listen to music, to speak, to read, or to write. It was wonderful--but difficult. Asking a writer not to write?! Oh boy. So this is my self-imposed/created Vipassana since I don't have time for the real thing. I need this. No more white-noise--at least for a while.

I'll be back next week!


Natasjia said...

Uff....I need to do the same thing. Badly.

tara dawn said...

I wish you lots of happiness, peace, and renewed motivation during this coming week. I can certainly even at this exact moment, I am procrastinating doing my schoolwork by reading blogs. Though you may have your own doubts, I have not a single doubt that you will indeed graduate and succeed with all your dreams. Just remember throughout this week that you're in my thoughts.
Lots of love and hugs!!!

Laura said...

Hell, I did that all last semester