Saturday, December 31, 2005

Last Day of 2005

Well, this year ranks up there with the single worst year in the life of Jessie. However-- it is the New Year and therefore, a time to celebrate. Rather than obsess over what went wrong or what I wish was different about myself or my life--it's a good time to think about what did go right and to recognize the things I actually did accomplish.

So in the spirit of a tradition I started 9 years ago...

My List of Accomplishments in 2005:
  1. Survived teaching the research paper last spring and gained confidence in knowing that I can do it again.
  2. Had an incredibly talented class of writers this fall--and was inspired by them all.
  3. Realized that no matter how bad everything else was--I love teaching, every minute of it.
  4. Sold my house.
  5. Paid off 7 years worth of debt.
  6. Moved...found a place where all of us--Vinny, myself, Anu, and the cats are all happy. And it is exactly the type of place I imagined living in.
  7. Got settled in the new place--almost completely.
  8. Acquired some of the best neighbors I've ever had.
  9. Got active again--perpetual walking. Living in town allows me this.
  10. Finally wrote my thesis proposal.
  11. Had a painting exhibition in the big city of Minneapolis.
  12. Currently have a show hanging in the BCAC.
  13. Attempted (with some success) abstract landscapes. Loosened up my painting style and became more expressive in the process.
  14. Sold a painting for a nice sum of $$.
  15. Wrote several essays and a few poems that I feel good about.
  16. Traveled to Texas to spend time with my grandparents last spring.
  17. Went to Mexico for the first time.
  18. Traveled parts of Canada I had never seen before.
  19. Spend time with my sister's family.
  20. Made artist's books for the first time.
  21. Celebrated 2 years of marriage with my husband.
  22. Gained a few new friends.
  23. Painted my new writing room lime green.
  24. After a year of thinking about it, finally sat down to write my old painting instructor a long letter. I miss her dearly.
  25. Filled a couple journals.
  26. Started spending more time with friends.
  27. Decided to take a year off from school next year--I'm folllowing my heart--something I haven't done in too long.
And in the next couple days maybe I'll think of more to add. But what I'm realizing in making this list is that even some of the hardest aspects of this past year have led to some of the best rewards. Things are funny that way.

Friends and family--Happy New Year to all of you! May you find happiness and creative inspiration in every day.

Here's to a new year and new beginnings!

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