Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It's time.

Dog is walked. Coffee is made. Blogs have been read. Now--it's time to write.

When preparing for a show in painting I am easily able to let my world turn inside out; I am able to dissolve myself, focus completely, until the rest falls away. It is an odd and wonderful phenomenon. But it's been a long time since I've taken on a creative writing project... let's hope that it works the same.

There are a few writers I've always been inspired by--One is Isabel Allende and the other Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Allende has a separate guest house she writes in. She begins each new book on the full moon. And lights candles for the spirits before sitting down to write everyday day. Sometimes she loses herself so completely in the writing that she is not sure if it is her story or if she's become merely a medium. Marquez becomes a recluse when writing a book, shuts himself off from the world completely--only seeing his wife when she brings him his meals. He speaks to no one. He has a lot of friends, but they all understand this about him. When his book is finished and he finally emerges, they are happy to spend time with him once again.

Today I've shut the door and lit a candle. But the rest... is up to me. This, today, is where my writing begins.

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tara dawn said...

With the chaos of the holidays, this is exactly what I have needed. Perhaps I shall shut my own door soon and light my own candle...perhaps the words will flow more freely then.
Hope your New Year has gotten off to a wonderful start!