Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Health Nut--Day 1

got drunk.
smoked 3 cigarettes.
stuck to diet (except for substitution of healthy snack for cocktails).

1st day of Lit. Crit. = 200+ bible-thin pages of the Norton Anthology of Literary Criticism (in miniscule print) and a presentation--by next week.


Amber said...

Ha ha! How was class this morning?

(By the way, sorry I was such a mother hen last night. It only got worse after you left.)

Natasjia said...

HAHAHA! See you out back tonight, then?

erin said...
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erin said...

how come I always miss all the fun? being a commuter is stinky. and ps, you should never start a resolution on a monday!

Jessie said...

amber: LUCKILY, class went fine.
btw, you weren't a mother hen--and, if you were, i deserved it!

tasha: NO! (but i DO miss you)

erin: thanks for the tip. and you're right. you should have been with us! but just think how much better you feel today than me. :)-

Froyd said...

hahahaha!!! That class is tough on any diet or drinking problems.

Tiffany said...

I always like it when someone has the same amount of self-control that I do. Thanks for being a pal!

Amber said...

Erin, I think I might have missed out on some of the fun last night too, and I was there until the bitter end. Damn self-control. I should work on that.

JJ said...

Jessie-Hi it's me Jess. This is the only way I could think to respond to your comment, so. Hello!
I've joined Cyberspace.
I'm in Weblogs and Wikki's this semester.
Keep in touch. I'll try and email you