Sunday, January 08, 2006

taking advice

Today my horoscope in the Star Tribune reads: "It'll be your choice today as to whether you want to roll up your sleeves and get the jobs on the table done or rest on your laurels and let things pile up even further. Take your pick."

Before reading that I had already decided on the rolling-up-the-sleeves bit, my horoscope just confirmed it. And since, at this point, I need to feel at least a small sense of accomplishment I'm going to get my class planned. I have so far already written this semester's syllabus. Now it's on to writing up the first assignment and the big research assignment.

I want to write about the challenges in making this semester a success and about how I find personal satisfaction in getting people to enjoy writing (especially if they hated it in the past). I want to write about how I hope to someday feel like this at the beginning of each semester and about the way I hope it gets a little easier when I can focus on just teaching instead of juggling my energies between both teaching and being a student. Teaching energizes me. Being a student, lately, drains me.

I want to write about my goals for the coming semester, the way I found peace walking through fresh snow this morning, and the way it felt like going to church--only better. I want to write about finding a balance in my life--physically, mentally, spiritually.

I want to write about a lot of things--but first I'm going to take the advice of my horoscope so I can breathe a little easier and maybe even experience some of that balance first-hand.

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tara dawn said...

Best of luck in finding, and living, the balance. I know exactly what you's a precarious place in which we find ourselves, amidst the things that need to be done and actually doing them, between knowing what we want and finding the path to reach it. I have faith for us both...balance shall be found!