Thursday, January 26, 2006

never mind me.

I want to say something wonderful and uplifting and interesting-- but all I can think of to say is that I like Aristotle better than Plato and there are plenty of things that I like better than both. I don't usually pray, but maybe I should start...please god get me through this, please!

My body is vibrating from boredom. I can't stop complaining. Oh, this sucks.


moose said...

Get through the early "dead white guys" and start absorbing the real voices--toward the end of the text--that shape our culture and artistic habits.

Your appreciation will grow for the foundational texts during the course of the semester. Be patient.

Wenda said...

One boring moment at a time. I imagine you will turn this into an interesting story once you get a little further along.

Froyd said...

yeah, like the "dead white guys" had NOTHING to do with shaping our culture!

*dripping sarcasm*

Jessie said...

hate to break it to both of you, moose and froyd, but they're ALL dead white guys--oh, except for one dead black guy, one dead black woman, one dead white woman, and one white guy that's still alive.

i'm trying to turn this into a story. :)-